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How to Send Paper Invoices in QuickBooks Online

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While many businesses send digital invoices via email, some customers still prefer carbon copies. If records are stored digitally, they're easy to access and organize. Creating, sending, and managing paper records in QuickBooks requires a bit more planning and forethought. Do what makes sense for your operation, but always consider your customers' preferences. 


Why should I send a paper Invoice?  


Let’s reframe the question: if customers request a carbon copy, can you encourage them to go digital?


The advantage of digital Invoices is you can never really lose them. A deleted Invoice can always be recovered from an email trashcan, and in extreme cases, you can instantly send them another copy. There’s also virtually no wait time and thus no additional delays in payments. This a huge plus for busy buyers and sellers. If customers absolutely need a carbon copy for their records or simply prefers sticking to their routine, they can always print out the emailed version.


Then again, going the extra mile and sending them a printed copy may pay dividends in customer satisfaction.

Get started sending paper invoices


To create a paper version, follow the normal Invoice creation process (if you need a refresher, check out “Your First Hour with QuickBooks Online”): add your customer’s contact information, the items being purchased, and check the tax and totals.


When you’re ready to print the Invoice, scroll to the bottom and click Print or Preview.


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You’ll see a PDF preview of what the Invoice will look. Decide if you need to make any adjustments and if everything looks good, click Print.


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Once you have the paper copy in hand, close the preview and go back to the Invoice. To record the Invoice, go down to the bottom of the form but instead of clicking Save and Send, click the arrow and select Save and Close.

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By clicking Save and Close, the transaction gets recorded into QuickBooks but the digital form isn’t sent to your customer’s email, thus avoiding the confusion of receiving multiple copies. When you receive the payment against the paper invoice, you would follow the same process as a digital invoice and continue to digitally record the accounting. 


Any other tips I should keep in mind to be successful?


  • While you may be tempted to send customers digital and paper versions of the Invoice, to avoid confusion, it’s best to stick with only one method. If you really want to send both, write “void” or “this is a copy” somewhere on the printed form so customers don’t accidentally pay you twice. Unless your customers are exceedingly organized, sending multiple copies complicates the process unnecessarily.


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