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Due date and invoice date do not match when using due on receipt term

If your invoices use the term Due on receipt, the Invoice date should automatically be the Due date. If not, it’s possible that the default Due on receipt has been modified or a new Due on receipt has been created with incorrect settings.

Here's how to check and edit the term Due on receipt:

  1. Open the invoice in question, then take note of the term used.
  2. Select X to close the invoice.
  3. Go to Settings ⚙️, then select All lists.
  4. Select Terms.
  5. Find the term used on your invoice. Under the Action column, select Edit from the dropdown.
  6. Make sure Due in fixed number of days is selected and the number of days is set to 0.
  7. Select Save.

It's possible that the term has already been corrected. However, you may need to reselect the term on the invoice for the correction to apply. If not, check for a similar term with a slightly different name in the Terms list, then edit it as necessary.

Now you know how to match the invoice and date for the term Due on receipt.

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