How To Update Company Settings in QuickBooks

The Company Settings feature helps you customize QuickBooks to keep your business running smoothly. Learn how to update the Company Settings in QuickBooks.

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Navigate to the Company Settings Menu

From the home screen, click on the Gear Menu and beneath the column heading “Settings” select the Company Settings tab.

Enter/Change Contact Information

In the Settings Navigator, select the Company bar. In the sub-menu labelled “Contact Info,” click on the pencil icon to the far right to edit your contact info.

In the sub-menu detail, Edit your company contact info by typing into each of the boxes. Notice you can also Add Customer Address to tell your clients where to contact you or send their payments.

If you want to know more about a particular field, click the question mark beside it. Be sure to Save your changes before moving on.

Customize Your Sales Form Settings

Select the Sales bar then click on the pencil icon in the top right of the “Sales form content” sub-menu. Here you can add custom sales information. You can also customize and edit messages to your customers in the “Messages” section. Once you’re finished making your adjustments to your Sales settings, be sure to click Save before moving on.

Customize Your Expense Settings

Select the Expenses tab from the Settings Navigator. Click on the pencil icon that appears to the right of the “Bills and Expenses” sub-menu to edit.

Here you can edit your Expense settings. For example, try changing the default Bill payment terms to Net 30.

Customize Your Sales Form

The Advanced tab offers several other options for adjusting your settings. For example, Automation helps you save time by cutting down your data entry. To edit your Automation settings, click on the pencil icon that appears to the right of the Automation sub-menu.

Check boxes here to automate processes like Pre­-fill forms with previously entered content to have QuickBooks recall information that you’ve used before and add it to a current form. You can also automate applying credits and bill payments to your customer invoices and more.

With fine­-tuned settings, QuickBooks will put your business cares on cruise control. Tinker with your company settings until you’re ready to go. When you’ve adjusted your settings just the way you like them, click Save and you’ll be set.