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Accept credit card payments using GoPayment on QuickBooks Online for Android

From a new Sales Receipt or Receive Payment screen:

  1. Specify the customer, date, ref#, and payment amount, and add a memo if you need to remember something about the customer or payment. Enter discount, tax, and shipping amounts if they apply.
    • For sales receipts you must also specify an item, and if you want you can add a customer message.
  2. Select Credit (payment method) > Credit Card > Next 
  3. Choose how you want to enter the credit card info.
    • Swipe: Make sure your card reader is plugged in and swipe the card.
    • Scan: Select Scan card info > Position the card, and scan according to your device. Fill in any missing info, and select Done.
    • Key enter: Select Enter card info > enter the credit card number, expiration date, CVV security code, and customer billing address ZIP code. Select Done.
  4. (If Swipped): Let your customer sign with their finger. They can always clear it and sign again.
  5. Select Charge. When you receive the payment, you'll see "Credit Card Processed" on the sales receipt or payment.
  6. To email the sales receipt or payment, select the email button.
  • The email includes the type of credit card used, the last 4 digits of the credit card number, and the transaction authorization number.

Note: You can't delete a payment that was processed using GoPayment.