Enter a weekly timesheet

Learn how to enter a weekly timesheet in your QuickBooks Online.

With weekly timesheets you can enter the total number of hours worked by your employee or supplier for the week. If you need to enter a single timesheet, get more help here.

  • Weekly timesheets are non-posting transactions. This means they will not show on reports like Profit and Loss until contents of the timesheets have been added to a sale for an expense type transaction.
  • Timesheets only allow a single hourly rate. If you need to enter multiple hourly rates, you can sign up for a QBO Payroll subscription

What you should do?

  1. Go to Create ⨁ icon.
  2. Under Employees, select Weekly Timesheet.
  3. From the Name ▼ drop-down , choose the name of the employee or supplier.
  4. From the date ▼ drop-down, select the week which you want to record activities for.
  5. Complete the rest of the fields.
    Note: Some of the field needs to be enabled first before you can use it. Select Settings ⚙ at the top, then mark the field you'd like to use.
    • Customer - Select the customer you’d want to bill the activity to, or track expenses for.
    • Service - Select the service that represents the activity.
    • Billable - Mark the checkbox and enter the rate, if you want to bill the activity to the customer.
    • Location & Class - Select the Class and Location accordingly. You can follow this guide to enable this feature if the fields are not showing.
    • Description - Enter a description of the activity.
      Note: The Description appears on their invoice when billed to a customer, depending on your company settings. Text for the description appears automatically if you select an item from the optional Service field.
    • Time Field - Enter the number of hours and minutes your employee/supplier worked on this activity.
  6. Select Save.