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Payroll Software for Small Business | PAYE

Save time when you manage your payroll and business finances all in one place

Send payslips, manage pensions and statutory pay, make realtime submissions directly to HMRC, and manage payroll online from anywhere.

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Automate your payroll process with easy-to-use software

  • Straightforward payroll that saves you time

    Automate pension submissions and pay runs. Payslips can be created automatically too, then emailed, printed or downloaded from the secure self-service employee portal. Make adjustments to pay runs from any device using our cloud-based software.

  • Compliance, accuracy & peace of mind

    Take the headache out of compliance. Our HMRC- recognised software does the calculations for you and lets you submit your figures directly in just a few clicks. Be confident you’re paying your employees correctly, we’re up-to-date with all of HMRC’s changes, updating tax codes automatically.

  • One place to manage your business

    Get the complete picture of your finances. Run real- time reports and cash flow forecasts from a seamless accounting and payroll package. Know how your business is performing day to day, with a payroll system that’s integrated with your accounts.

Everything you need to run payroll

Lighten the load with smart software and support from our award-winning UK-based team.

  • Run payroll anywhere

    Working remotely? Our Cloud-based software means you can stay compliant and pay your team from any location.

  • Easy to set up and use

    Intuitive software that guides you through every step. Get set up in minutes then access help articles, webinars, online chat and phone support.

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    HMRC submissions

    QuickBooks is HMRC- recognised with direct submissions to HMRC and automatic tax code updates.

  • Multiple pay schedules

    Pay different employees weekly, monthly, fortnightly, 4 weekly, quarterly or annually.

  • Statutory payments

    Stay compliant with sick pay, furlough, maternity, paternity, adoption & parental bereavement leave.

  • Easy pensions

    Assess & auto enroll employees. We’ll calculate contributions and can automatically submit details to Nest, Smart Pension, The People’s Pension, NOW and Aviva.

  • CIS

    Automatically calculate contractor or subcontractor deductions and file your Construction Industry Scheme taxes directly to HMRC. All available at no extra cost.

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    Payslips are automatically created and can be shared with employees through a self-serve employee portal, email or by printing them.

  • Employee portal

    A self-service employee portal lets employees enter their address and access payslips. They can also enter timesheets, request leave and submit expenses.

  • Employee management

    Manage employees' timesheets, rotas, leave, expense management and happiness.

  • Integration with your accounts

    Automatically integrates with QuickBooks accounting so you have the complete picture of your business.

  • Automatic pay runs

    QuickBooks can run director’s pay and salaried employees for you. An email will let you know if you need to take any action.

Here to support you and your employees

  • Get award-winning support

    Unlimited free support from your UK-based team by

    phone, video-call or online chat
  • Empower your employees

    Manage your team more efficiently. Let them access

    professional payslips using our secure employee portal as well as requesting leave, uploading timesheets and expenses.
  • Grow your business, grow your payroll

    For HR features and insights into your staffing costs

    choose Advanced Payroll. It also includes timesheets, rotas, and a comprehensive employee portal.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Will I need to do the calculations for staff on different hourly rates?

    No. With QuickBooks Payroll you don’t need to worry about how to work out hourly pay. Just enter your employee’s rate and the number of hours worked and our built-in pay calculator will do the rest. Our Advanced payroll software lets employees enter their own timesheets, ready for approval, which makes payroll management even easier.
  • Will I need to get separate payslip software?

    No, payslips can be created for every employee in both QuickBooks Payroll products. Simply print them off or email them to members of staff. With our Advanced payroll software, employees can download their own payslips through the employee portal.
  • What’s the difference between HMRC’s free payroll software and the QuickBooks payroll system?

    HMRC's PAYE tool offers basic features (such as payroll tax) and is only suitable for a small number of employees. It does not support the creation of payslips or auto enrolment. If you’re looking for an Online Payroll product with more features to help you manage payroll, check out QuickBooks Payroll functionality.
  • Should I go for QuickBooks Standard or Advanced Payroll?

    It depends on the functionality you will need. Look at our list of features to decide the best payroll software for your business. If you’re unsure feel free to give us a call on 0808 168 9533.
  • Do I need to calculate tax & NI deductions?

    No, QuickBooks will calculate the tax & NI deductions. We will also calculate pensions & student loan deductions as necessary.
  • Does QuickBooks submit my reports to HMRC?

    Yes, you can choose for QuickBooks to either automatically submit your FPS to HMRC when you run your pay run, or if you prefer we can create the report for you and you can click the button to submit it to HMRC. Advanced Payroll can also automatically submit your EPS filings for you (if relevant) or again you can choose to have QuickBooks create them for you and you click the submit button, Standard Payroll will create the EPS for you for you to click the submit button.

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