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Open Banking Connections | Accountants & Bookkeepers

Get the full financial picture of your clients’ business

See all your clients’ bank and credit card transactions in one place, in real time. Our upgraded bank connections mean better collaboration with your clients and improved efficiency for your firm.

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Bank connections – working for you and your practice

Don't waste time chasing clients' data. QuickBooks' new bank connections make it easier to run your practice and build great ongoing client collaboration.

Clients can connect with most banks and we continue to add new bank connections all the time.

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No more manual data entry

When your clients connect their bank, transactions are automatically brought into QuickBooks. With all their data in one place, you can work more efficiently. Leaving you more time to focus on your client’s business success.

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Simple yet powerful

It only takes a few minutes for your clients to connect their bank and credit cards to QuickBooks - giving you instant access to real-time, accurate financial data. And by reconnecting every 90 days, both you and your client stay in complete control, with continuous powerful insights to drive their business forward.

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Reliable, accurate data

Bank connections power accurate cash flow data, allowing you and your clients to see the whole picture of their business. With real-time data, you and your clients’ can plan for the future - confidently and accurately.

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Take your clients' business finances to the next level.

Get your clients to upgrade their connections

Your clients can upgrade their bank connection in no time. Use our email template to send them a reminder directly from QuickBooks.

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Get your clients to connect a bank

Connecting a bank or credit card can be done in a few minutes. Use our email template to send them a reminder directly from QuickBooks.

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Clients can connect with many banks

We’ve upgraded our connections with dozens of banks - and we’re adding more all the time.

Why new bank connections can help your clients

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