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Choose the simplicity of Standard Payroll or the fully comprehensive Advanced Payroll

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Advanced Payroll

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QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll

Make Payroll work for your practice

Power through your clients’ payroll with super-charged software. The complete payroll solution for accountants who run payroll for multiple customers with complex payroll needs.

  • Your one-stop shop

    Take care of your clients’ payroll alongside their business finances and automatically configure your chart of accounts in a seamless experience. There’s no need for additional software.

  • Access for Employees

    Save time chasing timesheets, sending out payslips or processing leave requests and expense claims. Individuals can enter their own data through the employee portal and mobile app.

  • Adjustable automation

    Choose to apply time-saving rules, then make your own adjustments. It’s easy to separate out directors pay from other employees’, or post journals for multiple locations into different accounts.

  • Pain-free pensions

    Assess your clients’ workforce and manage their auto enrolment. Automatically submit information to a pension provider2 and even trigger Direct Debit payments.

  • Multiple pay days

    QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll supports multiple pay schedules for a single company, from weekly to annual. You can print or email payslips for employees.

  • Handy HR features

    Make your clients’ lives easier. Rotas can be created and assigned to employees who can enter their own timesheets and request days off, ready for approval.

  • Complete compliance

    Deliver instant peace of mind by meeting maternity, paternity and sick statutory payments and workplace pensions obligations. You can also report CIS suffered, salary sacrifice schemes and court order deductions.

  • A clear view for clients

    Clients can log in at any time for a real-time view of their payroll. Instantly update them after each pay run with an automatic email including one of 30 off-the-peg payroll reports.

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QuickBooks Online Standard Payroll

Start payday the simple way

You don't have to be a payroll expert to run payroll. Designed for businesses with simple payroll needs. QuickBooks Online Standard Payroll makes the process painless.

  • Speed through every pay run

    Save time and improve efficiency with software that covers all the basics.

  • Everything in one place

    Get your clients’ payroll sorted alongside their other business accounts. When everything’s in QuickBooks it’s easy to stay organised.

  • Calculations you can count on

    Let us do the sums – from overtime and bonus payments, to PAYE, NI and pension contributions.

  • Total peace of mind

    No more worries about fines for non-compliance. Your payroll software has automatic updates so you’ll always be in line with HMRC’s requirements.

  • Award winning support

    Access video tutorials and webinars to get you started and speak to our UK-based team for any other needs.

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Getting started with Standard Payroll

Payroll software

Payroll Software - an introduction for UK employers

Learn about the key features of payroll software and see how it ensures you stay compliant in the UK, in this informative guide.

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Frequently asked questions

  • I want to offer a payroll service to my clients but I’m not sure how to do payroll. Can QuickBooks walk me through the process?

    Yes. Our intuitive payroll tools make it easy for you to be your clients’ payroll manager and if you need a step-by-step guide to the process, our how-to videos and webinars are here to help.

  • Will I need to do the calculations for staff on different hourly rates?

    No. With QuickBooks Payroll you don’t need to worry about how to work out hourly pay. Just enter your employee’s rate and the number of hours worked and our built-in pay calculator will do the rest. Our Advanced payroll software lets employees enter their own timesheets, ready for approval, which makes payroll management even easier.

  • Will I need to get separate payslip software?

    No, payslips can be created for every employee in both QuickBooks Payroll products. Simply print them off or email them to members of staff. With our Advanced payroll software, employees can download their own payslips through the employee portal.

  • What’s the difference between HMRC’s free payroll software and the QuickBooks payroll system?

    HMRC's PAYE tool offers basic features (such as payroll tax) and is only suitable for a small number of employees. It does not support the creation of payslips or auto enrolment. If you’re looking for an Online Payroll product with more features to help you manage payroll, check out QuickBooks Payroll functionality.

  • Should I go for QuickBooks Standard or Advanced Payroll?

    It depends on the number of clients you’re managing payroll for and the complexity of their business. Look at our list of features to decide the best payroll software for your business.