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Your Business Expenses | Expense Management

Automate your expenses and claim back hours of admin time

Stay on top of expenses by getting receipts and bills organised automatically. That means less time on manual data entry and more time to run your business.

Say goodbye to data entry

Save time managing finances by connecting a bank so all your data's pulled into your QuickBooks account in real-time. Receipts and bills are automatically organised and matched to your transactions.

Illustration showing commecting to a bank account to better manage your business expenses

Sort expenses without lifting a finger

QuickBooks extracts the important data and organises it into tax categories — that means less work at tax time.

Illustration showing allof your business expenses categorised in QuickBooks Online

Drive down your tax bill

Claiming back money on your mileage? Don't miss a single trip. QuickBooks mobile app lets you track every trip, then mark your miles as business or personal travel.

Illustration showing a completed trip using the mileage tracking feature in QuickBooks Online

Claim every allowable expense

No more misplaced paperwork. Snap receipts and bills with our easy to use app. You can also email them to your QuickBooks account, individually or in batches.

Collaborate with your accountant

Real-time figures mean you both get a clearer picture of your business expenses. And staying in touch is simple with our in-app messaging feature.

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There’s a plan whatever your business needs

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"Taking photos of receipts means they automatically appear in QuickBooks so I can sort in a single click. It saves a lot of time!"

Aaron Patrick, Apple Core Accountancy

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I add a receipt or bill to QuickBooks?

    If you want to upload expenses to your QuickBooks account you have three options:
    1. Take a picture of it on the mobile app for iOS or Android and follow the simple steps.
    2. Forward an email attachment to the email your specially created address in QuickBooks.
    3. Drag & drop a file into the receipts section.
  • How long does it take to process receipts and bills?

    Most receipts process in an instant, but they can take up to 15 minutes.
  • What counts as a business expense?

    As you’d imagine, HMRC has some detailed rules about what is and isn’t permitted when it comes to claiming tax relief. As a general rule, it’s important that anything you’re claiming as a business expense is used entirely for business - not partly for your own personal needs.

    It’s essential that you keep accurate records of anything you’re claiming for, but it’s not necessary to keep a paper copy of your bills and receipts, as long as you have a digital copies. QuickBooks securely stores these for you and organises them into categories that make sense.
  • Which banks currently connect with QuickBooks?

    Dozens of them. You can find the full list here. We’re consistently making more upgraded bank connections available to our customers and regularly announce the availability of new links, so watch this space.

    Connecting your bank and credit cards to QuickBooks is another great way to save time on manual data entry and manage your expenses. Our machine learning makes reconciliation automatic - all you have to do is approve your transactions in a single click.
  • I’m a sole trader? Can QuickBooks help me with my expenses management?

    Yes. QuickBooks Self Employed accounting software has been designed to support sole traders, self-employed workers and anyone working in the gig economy who needs to complete HMRC's Self Assessment tax return.

    QuickBooks Self Employed lets you manage your expenses in the same way as QuickBooks Online, so you can lose the piles of paper receipts and have all your allowable expenses in order when it’s time to complete your tax return.
  • Will I be charged an additional cost for expense management in QuickBooks?

    No, receipt and bill capture are both included as part of your QuickBooks subscription. We’ll organise them into categories ready for tax time, or you can create your own categories if you prefer. You can even run expense reports for your limited company to see where your day to day business costs are highest. And remember, if you use QuickBooks to stay on top of your expenses all year round, tax time will be a breeze.