Empowering students and educators with free QuickBooks software

Empowering students and educators with free QuickBooks software

If you are delivering the new IfATE T Level in accounting, then a QuickBooks free license may be just what you need. QuickBooks is supporting teaching and learning with free cloud-based software along with free training and support.

In collaboration with Pearson and ACCA, educators can register to access a wide range of resources to help deliver transformational teaching and learning for the accountants of the future.

With QuickBooks, educators and T Level students can access

Free QuickBooks Online software

For students and tutors to work on real life scenarios

QuickBooks Online Core Certification Award

For successful students who complete a T Level Technical Qualification in Accounting using QuickBooks Online software

Practical training

Free webinars with access to training designed to give students skills for the future

Placement opportunities

We’ll work with our select QuickBooks partner accountants to help students access placements

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