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Intuit, QuickBooks, QuickBooks SimpleStart and the Intuit logo are trade-marks of Intuit Inc. and/or its affiliates, registered in the United Kingdom and other countries. Other brands, logos and marks are trade-marks of their respective holders.

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Intuit’s products, services, web content and related materials (collectively, “Offerings”) are owned by Intuit and/or its licensors, and all rights in such Offerings are reserved by Intuit and/or its licensors.

Additional information

  • Privacy Policy - At Intuit Limited (“Intuit”), we pride ourselves on our commitment to protecting your privacy. We want you to know how we will collect, use and disclose the personal data you provide to us. View the Intuit UK Privacy Policy
  • Software License & Services Agreement - This Software License and Services Agreement details the terms and conditions, obligations, responsibilities, liabilities and remedies between you and Intuit. Read the Agreement before using the software or services
  • Intuit Inc.: Permissions Policy - Contains information regarding permission to use screen displays, Intuit-authored user guides, visual representations of products and more. View the Permissions Policy
  • Intuit Inc.: Anti-piracy Web Site - Provides basic information on software piracy and its negative effects on businesses and consumers, including the risks associated with purchasing or using counterfeit CD media. Also includes information on how to check products for authenticity and how to report piracy directly to Intuit. Visit the anti-piracy site
  • Terms of Service - For QuickBooks Online - Click Here
  • Terms of Service - For QuickBooks Self-Employed - Click Here
  • Statement Under the UK Modern Slavery Act – Click Here

Returns and Guarantees

For all UK refunds please contact customer care.