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Pay yourself and your people with Core Payroll

Perfect for director-only businesses and small employers who need speed and simplicity.

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Discover the benefits

Transform the way you manage payroll with easy-to-use software that offers all of these time-saving features:

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Run payroll anywhere

Working remotely? Our Cloud-based software helps you stay compliant and pay your team from any location.

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Easy to set up and use

We'll guide you through every step. Get set up in minutes and access help articles, webinars, online chat and phone support.

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HMRC submissions

Helps you stay compliant with direct real time information (RTI) submissions to HMRC.

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Multiple pay schedules

Pay different employees weekly or monthly.

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Statutory payments

Helps you stay compliant with sick pay, and maternity and paternity leave payments.

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Easy pensions

Assess & auto enroll employees. We'll calculate contributions and submit details to Nest with a few clicks.

Find out more about our other payroll solution

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Advanced Payroll

For employers who need HR features and the in-depth analysis of customisable reports.

  • Everything in Core Payroll, plus...

  • Automatic pay runs

  • Timesheets

  • Choose any payroll frequency

  • Employee portal & HR features

  • Calculates 5 statutory payments

  • Automatic pension submissions to 5 pension providers

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