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QuickBooks Online Accountant – Practice Management Software Designed For CAs to Be More Efficient

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Meet Hari. Hari is a busy CA who is forever chasing clients for their data and information so that he can get their work done on time. He is (thinking of) growing his practice and serving more businesses but is often bogged down with tedious manual data entry, bank reconciliation, and multiple hops to file his clients’ GST returns.

Intuit understands Hari very well. We built our new product QuickBooks(R) Online Accountant (QBOA) for Hari. You probably know Hari too. Because you are Hari: Hari is a composite portrait of the Indian CA built by our team based on all our interactions with the accountant community, and research of the workday of CAs.

We worked hard to understand your pain points and pinpoint how exactly we can help you get your job done. As we spoke to many CAs just like you, we came to the realization that time is the vital factor in the day of a CA. If we can support you in your endeavor to optimize time, it would be how we power prosperity for you.

Today, we’re happy and proud to present QuickBooks(R) Online Accountant to you: the result of all our research and development, a single place to manage all clients and their accounts to support busy CAs just like you.

QBOA is Intuit’s all-new practice management solution on the cloud specifically designed for accountants to help you save time for things that matter. It is an easy, efficient, and innovative solution that transforms your practice and helps you grow.

2 Powerful Ways you can save time with QBOA:

#1 Anytime, anywhere access:

As QBOA is a cloud-based system, you can now access clients’ data securely anytime and from anywhere. What this means is, that using your favorite browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or other browsers), you can log in to QBOA from your desktop at work, your laptop, tablet or even your mobile phone, using wi-fi or mobile data.

This can be a tremendous benefit to you if you are a CA who is on the go, with clients spread across multiple geographies (or even local geographies where traffic is a huge limitation).

Browser-based universal access for QBOA does away with the limitations of being ‘desktop-bound’ or being shackled to particular systems – either at your office or at client offices or having to work with client-server packages and migrating data from disparate client packages.

Insert an image – an illustration of QBOA dashboard screen at the center with multiple devices – desktop, laptop, mobile & tab on its 4 sides, connected to it.

CA Practice Management

#2 Real-time document exchange:

If you’ve had to put your clients’ phone numbers on speed-dial to ensure they get you the data you need on time, you will appreciate this feature.

We’ve designed QBOA for both you and your client to access the books online and collaborate on tasks in parallel. You can now exchange and update data and information with your clients synchronously, as well as send queries and receive responses instantaneously.

Previously, you would have struggled to access accounting data backups from clients. You may even have had to sit at client offices and work with disparate software packages to extract data, and then manually enter it into your own systems to perform analyses and generate reports. All this, we are happy to report, is now firmly where it belongs: in the past.

Quickbooks Accountants OnlineQBOA comes with a range of training and support options. These include a dedicated service delivery manager, support with onboarding, training and setup support as well as a dedicated helpline. We also conduct periodic webinars and have video tutorials for help with specific features.

QBOA is a true cloud-based practice management solution, powered by a vast network of remote servers that store, manage, and process data, securely, with high availability.

With QBOA, you are no longer limited by data or storage restrictions on local desktops or servers or asynchronous updates.

If you’re looking to optimize your time and grow your practice, you can now work smarter and more efficiently with QBOA. Finally, you can truly avail of the benefits of 21st-century cloud computing. Sign up to explore these, and other benefits today.

In subsequent blogs, we will explore more features of QuickBooks(R) Online Accountant, including those that enable CAs, book-keepers and the accounting fraternity to perform efficient client, team and task management. Check back here soon!

Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. This document/information does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal or financial advice. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.

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