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How to Create a Purchase Bill in QuickBooks?

What is a Bill?

Bill is usually created by the supplier with an immediate need of payment from the customer i.e. it’s a request for payment. It is okay to receive a bill without an invoice. Bill is made from the customer’s standpoint.

How to create a Bill in QuickBooks?

Please do the following to create a bill in QuickBooks Online:

  1. Click + New from left navigation bar of QuickBooks once you log in and click ‘Purchase Bills’. Bill window appears.

purchase bill in quickbooks
  1. Select the ‘Supplier’ from the supplier drop down. For example, we have chosen ‘skyisblue agency’. Upon selection of the supplier, the other details of the supplier (address, email id, terms, bill date and due date) are populated automatically.

quickbooks bill
  1. Here supplier has a purchase order (PO) #1003 which can be added to the bill as a proof that this bill payment is related to this PO. To add the PO to the bill, do this:
  • Click ‘Add’ on the ‘Purchase Order’ window which is next to the ‘Bill’ window.
  • A message will show ‘Added to your bill’ and the ‘1 linked transaction’ will appear just below the supplier field (see screenshot below). Clicking on the linked transaction will show the details of ‘purchase order’ – date, amount.
  • If you don’t want to link the PO# or have wrongly linked the PO#, click ‘Remove’. To select the right PO#, click ‘Add’ on the purchase order window.

bill purchase in quickbooks
  1. As the supplier PO has been linked with the bill payment, you will see all the product and service details have been pre-populated (screenshot below)

purchase bill
  1. If there is no PO that can be linked to this bill payment, add the ‘Category details’ and ‘Item details’ by selecting the ‘Category’ row and the product / service row respectively by clicking on the ‘+’ button. Add other fields e.g. description, amount, tax, quantity, and rate.
  2. Add ‘Attachments’ if any.
  3. Provide the Bill no. by entering it manually.
  4. Click ‘Save and close’ or ‘Save’ for future use. Click ‘Save and new’ to save the current bill and create a new bill.
  5. If you would like to make the “Bill template” as recurring in QuickBooks, click ‘Make recurring’ and the below message appears stating the template will be copied over the line items to the recurring transaction without a link. Click Ok. (see screenshot below)

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The recurring bill template is created now (see screenshot below). Ensure that at least one-line item/category is added to save this as a recurring template, else it will throw an error. Once done, click ‘Save template’.

quickbooks bill
  1. To be able to view the created bill, click ‘Expenses’ from the left navigation bar and click Expenses again. You will see the Bill no. 2003 in the first row. QuickBooks easily creates links between various transactions and navigating various transactions are quite easy.

qb bill