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2012-06-05 00:00:00GeneralEnglishMompreneurs – The Rise of Mother Entrepreneurs in India: Passion for their own ideas, Challenges for self-fulfilment, Internet has... – The Rise of Mother Entrepreneurs in India

Mompreneurs – The Rise of Mother Entrepreneurs in India

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Mothers in India have emerged as a force to reckon with in every possible field and are forging ahead with confidence. Women have entered sectors known to be male dominated and written their own success stories. The trend is visible in the business sectors too, where not only have they climbed up the corporate ladder but have struck out on their own as entrepreneurs.

Most of these women entrepreneurs have gained the requisite experience in a corporate environment and feel the need to establish their own small or medium enterprise. Some of these women are mothers who wish to be their own boss, and manage their lives on their own terms.

Indeed, it is time to make way for Mompreneurs! She’s efficient, confident and a multi-tasker par excellence. She has perfected the balancing act between family commitments and work challenges. Going by the recent trends, the mompreneur is here to stay.

The share of female entrepreneurs in India is showing a healthy growth of 71 per cent per year. This comes as a welcome relief after the World Economic Forum ranked India at the 131st position in the list of economic participation and opportunity of women among 135 countries. Why do women in their mid-thirties take to entrepreneurship at that stage of their lives? There are several reasons for this self-initiated transition.

Passion for their own ideas: It is that time in their lives when they want to give vent to their own creativity, having worked for an organisation and learnt the ropes of running a business. They are brimming with enterprise and want to achieve their long cherished dreams.

Challenges for self-fulfilment: More often than not women take on these challenges to gain satisfaction at a time when they wish to prove their worth after a hiatus from work due to family commitments.

Internet has removed the gender bias in India: Studies have revealed that Indian women entrepreneurs are using the internet to be successful at their work. The internet has become a channel for e-commerce opportunities that have enabled women to explore a variety of business prospects.

With the growing use of e-commerce, women entrepreneurs can save time in every step of the business cycle. Identifying business opportunities, purchasing raw materials and even selling products have never been easier.

Women as risk-takers: Women are increasingly taking on huge projects and have started taking risks in order to bring about change. They are open to the introduction of new innovations in business and also provide effective leadership.

The time is ripe for more moms to take on entrepreneurship and provide employment to the workforce. Special entrepreneurship programmes and policies for women will further help pave the way forward for women.

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