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2018-06-18 03:12:28Growing a businessEnglishLearn how Google's Digital Unlocked programme can help you launch your Indian small business into the world of e-commerce. Digital Unlocked... Unlocked: What Is and How Can It Help Your Business Grow?

Google Unlocked: What Is and How Can It Help Your Business Grow?

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In 2017, Google launched Digital Unlocked in India. This programme consists of a set of video tutorials designed to help Indian small businesses step into the digital arena. If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner who hasn’t ventured fully into the digital marketplace, Digital Unlocked could be just what you’ve been looking for to help you expand.

What is Google’s Digital Unlocked?

Google created Digital Unlocked to deal with the most significant obstacle to digital adoption in India: the lack of skills in using available tools. In Digital Unlocked, 90 videos that have been specially designed just for India allow learners to move through sequenced tutorials at their own pace.

Digital Unlocked tackles the biggest obstacle to greater adoption of digital tools — lack of understanding and missing skills. The offline training is being conducted in partnership with FICCI, an industry lobby, and over the next three years, 5,000 workshops will be held across 40 Indian cities. The videos cover all sorts of topics about digital marketing, including how to build your web presence, how to use mobile devices to reach your target audience, search engine optimization, how to use search engines, and how to track analytics on your website. All the Digital Unlocked materials are free to any company with internet access.

Hand in hand with Digital Unlocked is Primer, a mobile app that teaches entrepreneurs in India the digital marketing skills they need. Primer is available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Marathi, and you can access it via the iOS and Android platforms.

The Value of Connecting to the Digital Economy

While two-thirds of India’s 51 million small and medium business are not yet online, the digital economy is growing across the country. Google believes that digital tech is vital to the growth of India’s economy — that’s in fact why the company has made such a deep investment in training and equipping small businesses. Currently, small and medium enterprises in India make up about 36% of India’s gross domestic product, and that could rise to 46 to 48% by 2020, based a study done by Google and accounting firm KPMG. The study also showed that small business that expand into online venues grow their profits twice as fast as those that don’t.

How Can Google’s Digital Unlocked Help You?

If you hope to expand the reach of your small business in India, Google’s Digital Unlocked can open doors to giving you a real presence on the web, something that fewer than a third of India’s small businesses are currently taking advantage of. Companies are starting to run campaigns to make small business owners aware of programmes like Digital Unlocked, as a precursor to getting more businesses online. If you move now, you can be in the vanguard of what could be a coming wave of online commerce for Indian small businesses.

Learning how to take your small business online and exploring the world of digital marketing and commerce is now freely available through Google’s Digital Unlocked. Those small businesses that use this free content can establish new customer connections and plant their flag firmly in the new digital economy.

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