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2018-08-08 01:15:19Marketing a Business: Customer ServiceEnglishChoosing the right gift for your customers can be challenging. Here are some examples of customer appreciation gifts your clients may value... Appreciation Gifts To Win Customer Loyalty

Customer Appreciation Gifts To Win Customer Loyalty

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Showing your customers how much you appreciate their business is a great way to keep them in your corner. Sometimes a smile and a firm handshake is enough to build customer loyalty, but occasionally, a gift sends the perfect “thank you” message to keep a customer long term. Choosing the right gift can be challenging because you want the gifts you give to be meaningful, but not too extravagant or personal. Here are some examples of customer appreciation gifts your customers or clients may value and use.

Practical Gifts

If your customers or clients are in business like you — or they have corporate jobs — they might appreciate gifts they can use while working. You might consider giving inexpensive but useful gifts like:

  • Pens and pencils
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Travel mugs

Depending on your industry, you might give a subscription to business magazine that can be delivered to their office.

The more money a customer spends in your business, the more you might consider spending on a practical gift. For example, you sell high-end office furniture and you want to give an appreciation gift to a loyal corporate client who buys all their furniture from you. In such a case, a gift like a tablet or a nice-quality USB drive wouldn’t be too extravagant.

Regional Gifts

Gifts celebrating the handicrafts, cuisine, or bounty of your geographic region work best for special occasions such as the various festivals that take place across India throughout the year. Here, your customers or clients might enjoy a gift they can share with their family members like handmade sweets or a luxurious ingredient like clarified butter. You might also wish to give regional gifts to customers or clients from outside your state or outside the country. Handmade home decorations such as pottery, coiled cane work, and wooden carvings, or textiles for home decorations and clothing make memorable gifts for people you do business with.

Branded Gifts

Beyond retaining a customer, giving gifts bearing your company logo also spreads awareness of your brand. In some cases, awareness spreads far beyond your intended reach. For this reason, it’s a good idea to be as generous as possible with branded gifts. Some of the gifts you might give featuring your logo include:

  • Clothing — T-shirts, polo shirts, and caps
  • Messenger bags and backpacks
  • Cricket and golf accessories
  • Tea and coffee cups

You can have your logo printed on a wide range of items including memo pads, sticky pads, desk clocks, and fun items such as quirky-looking spiral notebooks and handheld calculators. The more branded gifts you have on hand, the more customers or clients you can give them to.

Setup a Gift Budget

It’s important to set aside a budget if you plan to make gift-giving a part of your customer retention strategy. You can use software like QuickBooks to track the number of customers you serve, which gives you an idea of how much money to set aside for your gift budget. You can also use Quickbooks to keep track of your gift-related expenses.

Not every business owner gives gifts to customers or clients, and doing so may surprise some people at first. As long as you explain the purpose of the gift — to show customers or clients that you value them and wish to thank them their trust in your business and brand — they’ll get used to the practice and look forward to it.

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