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2018-08-03 00:03:13Marketing a Business: Marketing a BusinessEnglishIndia's digital scene is getting bigger. Establish a presence on the top digital marketing channels to win new customers as they get online. Digital Marketing Channels For Small Business Growth

Top Digital Marketing Channels For Small Business Growth

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Digital scene in India is quite big — and its getting even bigger. According to a report, Online retail sales in India are expected to climb to 31% in 2018, which is triple the share that stood in the year 2015. Meanwhile, mobile internet use is growing, especially in rural parts of the country. What does this mean for your business? If your company isn’t using any of the digital marketing channels, now’s the time. By establishing a presence now on the top channels, you’re better positioned to win new customers as they get online.

Website Marketing

Your website is your company’s most important digital marketing channel. It’s the first place customers look when they want to find information. If you don’t have a robust website, this is a great place to spend your marketing budget. You might add information about your products and services, spruce up your brand identity with a new design, or make sure that your navigation is clear and easy to follow.

Then, think about your search engine optimization. Are your pages ranking well in search engine results? This is an essential part of marketing your company to new customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is taking the country by storm. In fact, in 2017, there were more Facebook users in India than in the United States. And that’s with only 19% of the country using social media platforms. This is a big opportunity for your business. To start, it’s a good idea to build profiles on top social media sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter. Already have active profiles? Try social media advertising to reach out to existing users.

Email Marketing

Email is a tried-and-true digital marketing channel. It’s inexpensive, and you can reach thousands of customers with a single message. If you’re just getting started, you might try collecting customer email addresses on your website to build a mailing list. Then, you can send out special promos and discounts to encourage customers to visit your website or brick-and-mortar location. Later, you can expand your email marketing by sending highly targeted messages to different segments of your list.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones are everywhere in India, which opens up new opportunities to reach your customers. You can start simple by adding your business listing to map apps like Google Maps, Waze, and MapmyIndia. Another option is to make a mobile-friendly version of your website.

If it makes sense for your business, an app can also be a great choice. It gives you real estate on the customer’s home screen, so your business is always accessible. Not quite ready for your own app? Consider taking out ads on the apps that are popular with your customers.

Video Marketing

As more Indians get smartphones and internet access, video marketing is growing. This digital channel makes it easy to connect to your audience on a human level. You can be funny, heartwarming, or informational. Take British Airways — the company’s Fuelled by Love campaign used a charming YouTube video to connect with consumers in India. As of July 2018, the video had more than 4.7 million views.

As you build a digital marketing strategy for your company, it’s a good idea to use more than one channel. A multi-channel approach builds brand awareness and expands your reach, so you can expose more people to your products and services.

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