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2018-08-08 23:59:20Marketing a Business: Social MediaEnglishThe more sales leads you generate online, the more opportunities you have to close a deal. But how do you generate leads online without... to Generate Leads Online?

How to Generate Leads Online?

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The more sales leads you generate online, the more opportunities you have to close a deal. But how do you generate leads online without adding a lot to your current workload? Well, with a bit of creativity, you can generate online leads for your business with so much ease. Here are few techniques that will help you in generating leads online.

1. Run An Online Review Campaign

Consider running an online review campaign. Such a campaign would encourage your current and past clients to leave reviews for your company. Gathering positive online reviews can help boost your sales in several different ways. Positive reviews help boost your overall SEO and local SEO ranking within Google. Suppose, you own an online marketing agency and someone nearby searches for marketing agencies. The local Google results would display a list of relevant businesses. If you had more positive reviews than other local agencies, your company would show up first. Also, Google snippets often favor review sites that post list-style articles reviewing several products or services. So consider emailing owners of popular review sites. This will help you know what you need to do to get your business featured.

2. Create A Quiz

A more creative way to gather online leads is to make an industry related quiz. The key to using a quiz is to make it relevant to your audience. Such a quiz can help you in getting contact information of your audience in exchange for the quiz results . For example, if you own a toy shop, you might make a quiz titled “Find the Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Preschooler”. Such a quiz would ask a series of questions about the child’s likes and dislikes. The results would give the parents a small list of gift ideas once they enter their email address. This will end up making them subscribe to your email marketing list. So you get a lead, and they get a list of gift ideas.

All businesses have slow sales periods. It’s up to you to find a way to boost your sales during these times. Find a few creative ways to connect with people in your target audience. Create quizzes, ask for reviews, run online contests, or start new emails marketing campaigns. Whatever you do, bringing in new sales leads simply requires you to be consistent and think outside of the box.

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