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5 Reasons Why You Should Be On Google+ Too

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Google Plus, popularly referred to as Google+, had an elite, ‘by invitation only’, launch in June 2011. But ‘mass’ demand saw Google+ opening for all and sundry within the next 3 months. And now, exactly 2 years later, Google+ has become the second largest social-networking site in the world, with more than 500 million registered users. For most businesses in India, which have only recently warmed up to Facebook’s marketing opportunity for businesses, now find it cumbersome and that much more expensive to get to Google+. After all, if you are doing your own Facebook, it will take that much more time to set up Google+ and update/engage there regularly. And if it is an outside agency that is handling your business’s social-media platforms, your budget increases proportionately. Despite this obvious increase in cost/resource allocation, the writing on the wall cannot be ignore – Google+ is getting more and more powerful by the day. Ignore it at your own risk!!! In the following paragraphs, we argue why you should be in Google+ too – • Search Indexes: Here is a simple logic – Google is till date, the world’s most powerful search engine. It is widely known that Google passes off the scope for higher ranking to those websites/blogs that use Google across product lines. The same applies to Google+. With your presence here, you simply up the prospect of your website/brand/blog ranking a few levels higher than those brands that don’t use Google+. • Powerful Features: With features such as Hangouts and Circles, Google+ helps you organize your brand social presence much better compared to Facebook and Twitter. Circles help your clearly categorize the people who have joined you to say, general customers, influencers, thought-leaders, industry leaders. Such categorization helps in focused engagements and conversations. With Hangouts, you can organize video chats with a group of people. It, thus, gives you the opportunity to directly reach out to your consumers or talk to influencers, thought leaders in your industry. • Google+ Is Growing: Google+ snatched the 2nd position on the best social-networking site from Twitter earlier this year. A cut-throat competition between the forerunner, Facebook, and Google+ in the near future will not be surprising. Therefore, applying the same business logic that got you on-board Facebook and Twitter, you ought to be in Google+. • Authorship: With the recent Panda and Penguin buzz, Google is striving to make life difficult for content spammers and plagiarists. When our fans click on ‘+1’s to the link that you have posted in Google+ page, it will add more credibility to your content, be it the website content or blogs. This will, in turn, help the content to come on top of SERPs. • Seamless Integration With All Google products/Services: Google+ can be easily integrated with Gmail, Google Search, Android, Google Docs and other services. Thus, workflow gets more compact and manageable. Does this blog give you enough reason to open your brand’s page on Google+? Do drop us a note!

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