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5 Ways To Drive Footfall Using Digital Media

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With the advent of digital media, Small and medium sized businesses, across sectors are redefining their marketing strategies. The digital mode of advertising offers a tangible cost-effective solution; along with the one-on-one connect which traditional forms often lack. For businesses with brick and mortar stores, the focus of these strategies is often to connect with the consumer in digital sphere in order to entice them to visit the store and make a purchase. Here are 5 ways that Digital Media can drive footfalls to your business’ retail outlet:

1. Mobile Media:

Mobile devices have become integral to daily life leading markets to leverage the mobile platform as an optimal place to communicate with customers. Channels like social media, messaging services, mobile games, or in-application advertisements can connect you directly to your potential consumers and drive traffic into your store.

2. Social Media:

Paid social media advertising allows your business to segment customers based on their online choices and preferences and trace their digital foot-prints. With the information Social Media provides you can target specific audiences, with custom designed offers and information. Additionally, curating and presenting relevant information enables word of the mouth marketing and encourages an open dialogue with consumers.

3. Re-targeting and upselling:

Upgradation plays a very crucial role in the development of a customer life-cycle. When a customer purchases any particular product, sooner or later, he is more likely to need an upgraded or better version of the same. Keeping in mind these requirements, a customer can be converted into a loyal customer by offering the right product at the right time. Retargeting advertisements keeps your product top-of-mind for customers and personalizes their experience of your product.

4. Hyper-targeting and cross-selling:

Hyper-targeting allows Small Businesses to identify customer-trends and offer other possible products that might be of interest to that particular segment. Hyper-targeting often involves highly customized offerings including the look and feel of the website, the aisle of the store etc. which will eventually best suit the requirements and preferences of the target group of customers.

5. In-store digital experience:

With several online retailers increasing their market share, on-ground retailers are boosting their store experience by integrating digital media. The need to improve services and focus on customer satisfaction and delight is a priority and can play a vital role to attract return customers. Understanding the ways to address audiences through digital media can improve footfall which in turn translates into achieving better on-ground sales. In addition to this, digital advertising also improves brand recall and word of mouth publicity, thereby ensuring long term results.

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