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How to build your brand’s public image

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Startups like yours build their public images by understanding how to position their brands. Public image impacts the general public and their response to it. Maintaining your reputation is all about improving your brand’s image inside as well outside of your organization. Inside the organization, your image determines how your employees work.

Outside the organization, your company image may determine the amount of investment you can generate for your company and how much customers are willing to spend on your products and services. To deliver on a brand image, you must measure the financial figures, the levels of engagement and monitor expectations with realistic goals. Here are a few tips to build your brand image:

1. Build a website:

Create a professional website that promotes the business and the brand in a manner that is both inexpensive and draws prospective customers and your client base to the website.

2. Develop a convincing ad campaign:

A positive ad campaign can boost your public image and help you connect with the audience. You do not need a large budget or extensive research as long as you make a creative website that gets the audience talking about your startup. Ensure that you list your business on leading sites.

3. Maintain good relations with the press:

The press helps you get good PR and promotes your firm. Get on panel discussions and make your business more noticeable by being at events and engaging with the free press. Understand what your target audience should know about your business and build up a media relations campaign to inform the press about developments in the firm.

4. Target influencers:

Sustain a good relationship with influencers that write reviews and blogs which create a strong impact of influence on the minds of the target audience.

5. Maintain a customer database:

By creating a list of your customer base, you can contact them via email or mail and converse on business-related information. This will enable you to have a deeper relationship with your customer base and effectively communicate with your audience on new products, company news, and information.

Small businesses grow when they realize the importance of brand building and how effective products are, the manner in which market validation efforts are made by investors when your kick-starter campaign proves promising and your campaign leads to eventual productive traffic that will enhance your firm’s standing and help in acquiring funds.

A strong public image will get you funding

When your business has a strong public image, you will be able to attract investors and potential funding for your business. This is especially true when your business determines what source of funding will be most beneficial for your firm. This could be equity in the form of bootstrapping, angel investments, cloud funding, partnering, venture capital, and crowdfunding.

Small businesses also capitalize on garnering investment and funding through debt. Debt could be in the form of small business lenders, small business administration loans and in the manner that banks would find it both profitable and suitable to invest in your business. If you have to build a positive and well presented public image, ensure that you are thinking in the long-term and preparing a manageable budget to garner the required results.

Startups should maintain a fine line between cost-cutting and spending wisely on effectively building a brand. Introduce a one-to-one connection with your clients by providing platforms to encourage marketing strategies such as trials and client meets.

Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. This document/information does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal or financial advice. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.

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