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2013-01-24 00:00:00MarketingEnglish to Create Buzz Around your New Product?

How to Create Buzz Around your New Product?

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Building a buzz around new product is all about people talking about your product prior to its launch. In this digital age, it’s not only about what you tell people but it’s also all about how you can get people to speak about you. If you could get people talking about your product or expressing interest in using your product before its launch, then you would have created ‘buzz’ around the new launch.

Set up your Social Property:

Being Social is one of the least expensive tactics in creating buzz around new product. Find out where your target audiences are. Read blogs to find your product-related information? Do they watch videos on YouTube? Do they spend a lot of time in Social Networking websites like Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest? It’s vital that you identify the platforms where your target customers are active and try to spend time on it.

Provide Engaging Content and Build Excitement:

Try to provide content around the benefits of your product. What is that your product can do? How is that going to affect your target customer? Try to build suspense around the product as long as you can.

Educate your customers on how the benefits of your product could help them. This helps in building buzz around new product. It might be in terms on speeding up their existing processes, saving their time, saving them lot of cost and resources or it could be anything which you should be very clear being the owner of the product.

Reach out: Now that you’ve built up your marketing strategy and started providing engaging content through it, the next step is to spread it.

• Be active on social-media, build a fan base and encouraging your fans to share the content.

• Avail the help of influential blogs & websites in your industry by asking them to spread word-of-mouth through their articles.

• Participate in your industry-related forums and start providing thought leader information around your product.

• Request thought leaders in your industry to review your product by providing them with free samples (Or Beta Version) of your product. This would really help in generating a lot of buzz around your product way in advance to your launch.

E-mail Blast & Free Downloads:

Do you have a database of prospective customers? Can you segregate who might be more interested in your product? In that case, e-mail them the benefits of your product with some value added to it.

The value could be a discount or a free trial or an exclusive benefit. Invite them over to your office or a coffee shop to discuss about the product and make them feel privileged. This would also encourage your prospective customers to share the word-of-mouth about your product which would also help in generating a lot of buzz around your product.

Though there are number of ways to create buzz around your product offline & online, it’s all about the discipline and how you plan your product launch. Biggies in the market doesn’t sell the product, they sell value and benefits. They do the same when they create buzz around their product launches. Craft a plan with more focus on benefits around your product and how it could touch the lives of your target customer.

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