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2018-06-01 05:56:08MarketingEnglishLearn about why graphic design is important to your small business and how it can help set you apart from the competition. Find out how... Reasons Design Is Important to Your Business

5 Reasons Design Is Important to Your Business

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If you’re an entrepreneur, your time and money are probably limited. Things that don’t seem mission critical, such as graphic design, often take a backseat to more pressing tasks as a result. If that sounds familiar, it might be time to take a closer look at your company’s visual marketing, since great design can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Design Controls Customers’ First Impressions

Your marketing materials are typically the first impression customers have of your business. In many cases, people assume that your design reflects your company. If your brochures and other marketing materials are disorganized and unappealing, they leave a bad impression. If they’re beautiful and professional, the customer is probably more likely to see you in a positive light. Good design also makes your company seem more authoritative, which creates confidence. Since this first impression can make or break your relationship with a customer, it pays to invest in great graphic design.

Design Helps You Find the Right Customers

Is your business trying to attract a specific kind of customer? Graphic design can help by giving customers a feel for your business, all without you having to say a word. Design can make an emotional connection with a customer. If you run a young, fun company, you might use a funky, colourful design. If you’re trying to bring in an older, business-minded crowd, a more formal design can make them feel comfortable.

Design Sets You Apart From the Crowd

India’s small business and startup community is booming. With all this competition, it’s crucial to set your company apart. That’s where design comes in. It differentiates you from other companies immediately — a big deal when competition is tough. If a customer is looking at a bulletin board full of posters, the ones with the best design are going to stand out and attract the most attention.

Design Makes Your Materials More Usable

Design plays a big role in how easy it is for customers to use your marketing materials. Imagine that a customer comes to your website looking for a specific product. If your home page is messy and cluttered, they’re more likely to close the page and move on to one of your competitors. If, on the other hand, the customer finds a clean design and clear navigation links, they’re more likely to stay. That means that you’re more likely to engage the customer or make a sale.

Design Boosts Brand Recognition

Think of some of the biggest brands in the world — each one uses graphic design to create brand recognition. The Coca-Cola company, for example, uses its signature red-and-white design across its signs, packaging, ads, and website. When you see one of the brand’s signs, you know it immediately. In India’s busy cities, this kind of recognition is a big deal for your brand. When a customer has to choose between you and a competitor, this familiarity can give you an advantage.

Graphic design can make or break your small business. By outsourcing your branding to a professional design agency, you can be sure that your company is putting its best foot forward.

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