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2013-02-28 00:00:00MarketingEnglishGoogle+ Basics for Marketers: Small and Medium Businesses have already taken in Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest in a big way. Basics for Marketers

Google+ Basics for Marketers

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Small and Medium Businesses have already taken in Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest in a big way. “Do we still need our presence in Google+?” – They then ask. It is not mandatory to be on Google+ but you just can’t ignore it as the social network has got a whopping number of more than 250 million members across the world.

To top it, Google+ adds a lot of value to your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts by helping your posts show up in Google Search results. Google+ then, is slowly becoming an essential tool of any business’s Social-Media Strategy.

How to Create a Google+ Page for Your Business?

Go to your Google+ account and find the option ‘Pages’ under ‘More’ on the left side of your account. Click on ‘Create Page’ and you will able to see the screen below.

The layout is similar to that of ‘Facebook’ where you will have to select the category of your Business. Once you select the category, you will be asked to fill the name and link of the website (if you have one). Unlike Facebook, Google+ has given you the option to restrict your Page’s Content to a Particular Age Group. You can either choose a specific age group or make it visible to any Google+ user.

How to Optimize Google+ ‘About’ Page for Your Business? The ‘About’ Page in Google+ gives you the opportunity to give a quick overview of your business to your page visitors and also to showcase some of your important services by linking them back to your website.

Make sure to include important keywords relevant to your business and used by your target audience in the ‘Introduction’ section of your ‘About’ Page. Google+ also allows you to use bullets when you list down your products and services.

How to Optimize Posts for Better Results for Your Business?

Whenever you are posting something about your business in your Google+ Page, make sure to include relevant business keywords that could be used by your target customers. The posts need to be optimized because they will show up on follower’s search results.

Google is vigorously working on providing personalized search results to its users. For this activity, the Google Search algorithm considers the relevant posts from Google+ pages and posts. The more relevant your content is, the more you show up in Google Search Engine Result Pages.

How to Engage with your Audience in Google+?

There’s no doubt that the success of a business page in any social media platform depends upon the engagement within it. Search for communities relevant to your business and add them to your circles from your personal page. When you add them, you get a live stream of relevant posts coming up on your home page.

The only disadvantage of the Google+ page is that you can not add someone to your circle until he adds your business to one of his circles. Hence you need to engage with the relevant conversation using your personal page and then slowly introduce the business page’s content to the outsiders. The search functionality of Google+ works like a dream, unlike other social search Engines.

You can easily search for your brand mentions and other relevant keywords. Identify relevant conversations and respond to them. Spending time in Google+ not just boasts your Google+ profile; it also helps in improving your overall online presence. We will soon return with more guides on Google+. In the meantime, do let us know if this article has helped you.

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