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2018-08-08 23:58:55MarketingEnglishYour logo communicates your brand's personality. It is one of your business' most valuable intellectual assets. This article will help with... Design Tips: Create a Winning Logo for Your Business

Logo Design Tips: Create a Winning Logo for Your Business

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Your logo is one of your business’ most valuable intellectual assets. It’s one of the main things that people associate with your brand. Because of this, it needs to communicate your brand’s personality and be easy for your customers to recognize. In order to choose a winning logo for your small business, here are some logo design tips you must keep in mind.

Type Of Logos

When you’re choosing a logo for your business, try to narrow your options down to the type of logo that appeals to you. There are three basic types of logos:

Font-based logos simply consist of the company name written in a specific font, such as Google or ACC cement.

Image-based logos feature an image that illustrates what your business does, such as Air India’s airplane wing.

Abstract image-based logo show an image that doesn’t necessarily illustrate your business’ purpose, such as Nike’s swoosh logo. Keep in mind that abstract images are harder to work with because the symbol is meaningless until people start connecting it with your brand.

Match Your Logo To Your Brand

Once you know the type of logo you want, determine how you plan to match the logo to your brand. To do this, ask:

What is my brand’s mission?
How do I want to describe my brand?
How do I want my target market to feel about my brand?

Consider The Color, Font And Shape Of Your Logo

Finally, consider the color, font and shape of your logo. Color plays an important role in logo design because different colors evoke various emotions. For example, red is typically considered energetic, while yellow invokes happy, cheerful feelings. Font and shape can also convey or promote feelings. Consider Disney’s well-known logo, which features that characteristic “D” and cursive font. Remember to keep your logo simple. The more simple your design is, the easier it is for people to remember you.

Ultimately, you need to choose a logo that appeals to both you and the people in your target market. If you are at a loss on where to start, consider outsourcing the design of your logo through a third-party.

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