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Make Your Social Media Work for Your Lead Generation

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81% of businesses find that blogs are critical to generate leads, 83% of B2B marketers use content marketing for lead generation. Your Social Media can be enhanced to drive sales and engagement on content, images and video formats and generate leads.

To give your lead generation on social media a boost, you should ensure that you have an established website, blog, email newsletter and social channel accounts in place.

When posting, ensure that you follow the three C’s for lead generation – Customization, Content and Call-to-Action. By customisation, you can create posts that link to specific web pages or contest sites.

With content, you can build brand loyalty and awareness through your insights and views through blogs, podcasts or even videos. The call-to-action in the posts will enable your potential customers to contact you to enquire or purchase your product.

Discussing how lead generation on social media boosts sales, Gareth Tannen, Delivery Manager, Communisis Digital says “Leads are important as they can help provide the requisite email addresses or customer walk-ins that build and develop newer relationships. Lead generation through social media will help prompt potential customers to approach your firm based on a referrals or post views and in turn convert your lead into a sale.”

In terms of why social media is a platform to grow leads Aaron Pinto, Senior Business Analyst, Cognizant explains, “Social media is the driving tool behind every successful business and helps in continuing ties with your customers and developing sales.”

He adds, “Prospects via social channels have an in-depth knowledge about your product and are more likely to be brand advocates and buy your product on a regular basis.”

Here’s how social media can help you generate leads:

1. Grow your network:

Follow prospective leads on Twitter, bridge new connections on Facebook, host webinars and connect with industry leaders. This will help you engage with your network through videos that can be shared on social channels like Twitter and Instagram.

2. Share content through Influencers:

Crowdsource and share content to increase lead generation. Similarly, you can author eBooks and develop forms to promote content and grow your contact base. Continue to re-share content to increase views and clicks. Repurpose the same content on blogs, presentation and infographics which explain your company’s story. This will generate leads through your different inbound marketing platforms and social channels.

3. Monitor Social Media Interactions:

To understand your customers and find opportunities, you should listen and provide them with information. In return these interactions can result in genuine leads that could result in sales. Review and monitor questions and remarks, and discover and engage in topics of mutual interest. You should look for key phrases, review insights and industry trends.


4. Boost posts for the right leads:

With paid advertising, you are more likely to reach out to potential customers based on your promoted content on Facebook and Twitter. You can link these posts to specific landing pages and promote the same with a strong call-to-action. Look to promote offers and connect through text and video on scheduled calendars that target personas and add to your sales funnel. Similarly, you can advertise paid posts on relevant forums to create a interactions and help your customers connect offline as well.

Always look to include key phrases in your tweets and link blogs to your Facebook posts to increase the number of views and reach. This will help your images, videos and text find its way to the top of your prospective customers’ newsfeeds. Simple tasks like tagging and adding captions to your images on your Facebook page will boost your key phrases. Also, make your web page SEO friendly by adding social media buttons to your webpage.

Lead generation has come a long way from cold-calling and emailing in mass. Today, customers would like to connect and interact before they make a purchase. Leads are important as they can build into loyal customers that help grow your business.

Social media can fill this gap and service your customers and help you address their needs and build a long-lasting relationship with your customer. More lead generation ultimately leads to greater sales and thus it is important for your business to create the right posts that drive your sales.

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