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2016-09-21 00:00:00MarketingEnglishFacebook Ad Guidelines rule of 20% rule has been changed on March 22, 2016. This rule provided an outline on how images should not be... Update on Facebook Ad Guidelines

An Update on Facebook Ad Guidelines

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Facebook Ad Guidelines rule of 20% rule has been changed on March 22, 2016. This rule provided an outline on how images should not be populated with a lot of text. Previously, an image could not have more than 20% text. Images which were broken up into a 5×5 grid, could not have text in more than five of those squares.

The change in text in Ad Images Rule

Some advertisers found it confusing and difficult to have the right mix of words and image space. The new image rule provides a better solution to improve flexibility and allow viewers to enjoy clutter-free images. Now, your ads will no longer be rejected if it has a lot of text. If there is more text in your image, you can expect less distribution and higher costs.

Instead of the 5X5 grid, Facebook Ad Guidelines will have four categories that include OK, Low, Medium and High. Low involves the least amount of text in the image and suggests that you should add those details to the text box. Medium includes even more text and suggests that the expected reach of the ads will be lower and limited. Images with heavy text are labelled as high and will have a reduced reach. For high, Facebook expressed that there is too much text and these posts may not be displayed. Ads will cost more and your posts will have the least reach.

Exceptions to the Rule Facebook Ad Guidelines do not apply to:

  • Movie posters
  • Book covers
  • Album covers
  • Product images
  • Posters for events
  • Text-based businesses: Calligraphy and cartoons
  • App and game screenshots
  • Legal text
  • Infographics

New Facebook Ad Guidelines and how it will affect your small business

Facebook is not simply making changes to meet user expectations but are enforcing a rule that will reduce distribution and create higher costs for you based on your ad. The more you increase your text for your images, more difficult it would be for your posts to be seen on Facebook. To enable your posts with more text to be seen, the costs will get higher.

Facebook’s Advertiser Tools

The rules are determined by Facebook based on whether the amount of text falls under. Hence your grid tool can help you to determine the text density. You can create an ad in the ad create tool or Power Editor. A warning will let you know if your text is above the limit distribution.

Your small business can now benefit from the new Facebook Ad update. Now your business can learn to use lesser text in your ad copy and gain higher impressions. This will help you add more call-outs to your posts that are straight to the point and produce visually attractive posts in the process. You can develop richer images and focus on brand building instead of added call-out and action texts to gain your customer’s attention.

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