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Printing multiple copies of GST invoices in QuickBooks

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According to the Goods and Services Tax (GST) guidelines outlined by the Govt. of India, businesses are required to print multiple copies of an invoice. Businesses into supply of goods are required to prepare invoices in triplicate – original for the recipient, duplicate for the transporter, and triplicate for the supplier. Businesses into supply of services are required to prepare invoices in duplicate – original for the recipient and duplicate for the supplier.

In our endeavour to help you save time and adhere to the GST guidelines, we have introduced a new feature in QuickBooks that helps you print multiple copies of invoices with a watermark label.

What does this update mean for your business?

With this update, you can now print multiple copies of your invoice. For supply of goods, choose the Original, Duplicate and Triplicate option. For supply of services, choose the Original and Duplicate option. You can also print an Original Copy for your recipient, or an Extra Copy for your records, without any watermark.

The default watermarks have been designed to serve both services and product-based businesses. Each watermark can be easily customised to suit your requirements in the Custom Form Styles dropdown. For example, a business into supply of goods can easily print its invoices with the labels:


How to print multiple copies of an invoice in QuickBooks?

After creating the invoice, go to ‘Print or Preview’ option. You’ll be able to see a dropdown menu with multiple options of invoice copies to be printed. Choose from Original Only; Original and Duplicate; Original, Duplicate and Triplicate or Extra Copy which is the current default option. Hit print and it’s done!


How to customise the invoice labels in QuickBooks?

If you would like to customise the print labels, go to Your Account and select Custom Form Styles. Select Edit, go to Content and under Header select ‘Print Label’. Customise the labels as per your requirement and save. It’s that simple! You can print your invoice just the way you want it!

Invoice label customisation settings

If you have any questions related to this feature, please log on to the QuickBooks Community; ask your question and a QuickBooks expert will answer it soon.

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