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Featuring YogaGuruji

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The ancient Indian form of physical, mental and spiritual well-being is not only seeped in the everyday lives of most Indians, but has also travelled the world, taking in its fray many westerner disciples and converts. Its immense popularity and adoption by most practitioners is attributed to its holistic approach.

And while nothing new can be said about this highly regarded discipline, we present to you YogaGuruji. YogaGuruji endeavours to give a common platform to Yoga instructors from various parts of the country such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune with complete details of their expertise and experience so that it is easy for people desirous to learn Yoga find an instructor.

After graduating from Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology and a 4-year stint at ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, Hemant Kshirsagar, started his own venture, Inverted Tree Solutions, the parent company of With YogaGuruji, Hemant aims to convert the now un-organised field of yoga classes into a technology-driven sector. Putting back his work for few minutes, he is delighted to share his insights on what made him start Yogaguruji.

What made you start your venture?

Now when I look back in time and think about why I started Yogaguruji, I can’t seem find a specific reason. It started with helping few of my friends who were trying to build an ERP for the mid-level school and slowly they wanted to back out as starting a new business din’t feel like a good idea. Fortunately by then, the fire of entrepreneurship got into me. That was when I decided to continue alone. I took help from a friend as the investor for a year and with a team of developers I did Web and Mobile application development for companies.

That is when we came across the idea of starting a portal that will help the yoga industry in India to compete with other alternative healthcare and fitness companies. Since we were in the process of collecting data for yoga classes we decided to add a feature that would help yoga students to find and identify a correct yoga class/teacher for themselves. I guess the opportunity to experiment with ideas is one thing which made me stick to being an entrepreneur.

What has been the key to your business’s success?

Even today I don’t want to completely agree that we have succeeded as there is a long way yet to go. We have not even reached the adolescence stage in the business world. But the most important thing for a startup initially is to survive and persevere.

What are the major challenges in your line of business and how did you overcome them?

• One key challenge that we faced and still face is that we do not have any sales and marketing experience. I have always been a technology guy. We started learning the tricks of the trade by building our education during MBA and then learning by trial and error. • The most important thing which has helped us to overcome problems is by learning new things.

Have the use of any technology benefitted you?

We were clear right at the outset that we wanted to use technology which was already available like java, apache tomcat servers, shared hosting, payment gateways, Mysql db etc and mould it in a solution which had the potential to impact my customers’ lives positively.

Do you have a mentor who guides/ advice you on matters of the business?

We are still looking out for a mentor who would be apt to guide us in the right way and prevent us from making any mistake.

What strategy do you follow for Customer Satisfaction & Expansion?

Our best motto is our engagement with our customers. Our services are not limited by our product features or service agreements. We work with our customers like their business partners. Right now we are taking one step at a time when it comes to expansion of our business.

What, according to you, are the top 3 skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

• Perseverance • Ability to learn new things • Humility • A lot of luck

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