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Featuring Green Umbrella Kitchen

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Food, kitchen, utensils, are their forte. They marinade and cook and grill and barbeque and teach those interested, some of their mean culinary skills.

Meet Chef Sarabjeet (Entrepreneur, Kitchen Consultant, Food-Photographer), Chef Faseeulla (Entrepreneur, Kitchen Consultant and the most enthusiastic in the lot!!!) and Chef Sushil Dwarkanath (Head of Hotel Management studies at Christ University, Bangalore, an avid traveller, thorough-bred foodie and consultant). Together, the trio call themselves the Green Umbrella Kitchen solutions. Green Umbrella Solutions is into two separate line of business — one and the more serious line is the consultancy side which takes up turnkey projects for hotels and restaurants to help finalize on:

• Kitchen layout and designs with drawings

• Menu Conceptualization

• Equipment Procurement and quotations, installation of the equipment

• Executing the Menu

• Pre-Launch Services The second line is really the more interesting, fun and the customer facing called the BBQ Story. It’s an instant connect with food enthusiasts because it touches and feels their pulse. See how — Chef Sarabjeet claims, “Paneer Makhni is passé. Vilayeti Sabzi Makhni (with zucchini, baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes) is in”. Sure enough, they find their customers ‘all ears’.

And why not? The economy opened up two decades back and so did India’s appetite for global cuisine. Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean speciality restaurants are now present in almost every ‘gully’-‘nukkad’ of Indian cities….But how about Hungarian goulash and Spanish kebabs? How about finding out the origins of Biryani? How about making your own sausages and steaks in your house? The BBQ story promises and delivers on all of these and more…

Grilling and Cooking Lessons

The BBQ Story team organizes grilling and cooking lessons on the first Sunday of every month in Yolk Studio, Koramangala, Bangalore. These classes are called ‘Chapters’ where food enthusiasts learn how to marinate their meats to their tastiest best, grill a complete meal, make creamy chicken tikka and murg biryani the Bangalore style, grill mutton kheema patties, grill fish wrapped in a plantain leaf, make country-style grilled steaks and home-made fresh sausages.

Once cooked, the food is matched with an appropriate varietal of wine thus giving a brief lesson on wine appreciation too. We caught up with the trio to ask them about their rather ‘new-age’ venture and see if we could get lucky with some secret recipes.

What has been the key to your business’s success?

Our strong areas are in delivering prompt and sincere services on kitchen-consultancy. Though highly concentrated to hotels and restaurants and catering to the global palette, we advise on innovative yet simple cuisines and menus.

Our personal and interactive training for chefs often results in lasting relationships. We also offer Call-back and retainer services, and food quality audits to our clients and on a regular basis. Our motto has been to use key and fresh ingredients and make simple and elegant menus.

What have been your major challenges?

Some of the gnawing pains that we have faced/are facing are finding good clients who understand the food industry as well as finding good and skillful chefs with good knowledge of ingredients and cuisines.

Have you benefitted from the use of any specific technology for your regular operations?

We depend on good Food and Beverages software in order to understand the menu graphics and engineering for controlling cost and keeping a check on inventory. For our social marketing needs, we depend on Facebook.

What has been your strategy for Customer Satisfaction?

Quality has always been our main focus. This has helped us immensely in meeting the satisfaction quotients of our existing clients. We also stress a lot about innovative techniques and menus.

To our happiness, we have found that our customers too look forward to our latest offerings. And finally, we are always a phone-call away for all our clients. This has given us their trust and loyalty.

What has been your expansion strategy?

We are slowly but surely building a good clientele base with our quality consultation and food-sessions. As a strategy, we want to take up limited but healthy projects so that we can focus on it and give it the best possible turnarounds.

What, according to you, are the top 3 skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

We are in the people business and hence, people are MOST important to us. The skills needed to be successful in our line include effectively managing people, effective communication and efficient decision-making. They signed off by firmly repeating, “Do what you enjoy and take it seriously. Spend your money wisely and with accountability. Finally, have the Passion to succeed and grow”.

Guess, this was the secret recipe we were looking for. We replied, “Aye Sir”!!! Website:

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