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TheMathCompany: Creating the Analytics Powertrain for Enterprises

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TheMathCompany was founded by Sayandeb Banerjee, Aditya Kumbakonam and Anuj Krishna with the mission to build global in-house analytics centres. The aim is to make large enterprises self-sufficient by helping them build or enhance global analytics centres that are unique to their needs and challenges.

An analytical centre rooted in an organisation’s culture and values can seamlessly integrate with other global capabilities and unlock value from data information. The goal is to build a self-sustaining centre.

Analytics is Core to Every Decision

Aditya tells us how they got started “We have been in this space of analytics for more than a decade and consistently observed large organisations struggling to leverage all the data at their disposal. Enterprises are stuck between tried, tested methods of doing analytics and the need for experimentation to innovate.

Historically, they have survived by outsourcing analytics but today, this is no longer possible. Analytics is core to every decision and must be a capability that an organisation owns. This led us to think about a unique offering to help Fortune 500 clients setup and build their own capability.”

Setting the PACE

“We bring together decades of experience in the form of a product – Protocol for Analytics Capability Enhancement (PACE). PACE provides access to tested ways of setting up and running analytics centres, saving enterprises time and resources, and preventing redundant experiments.

With these assets, our partners are uniquely positioned to help organisations with building out their charters, governance, talent strategy and continuous learning through training. We are a true thought partner to leaders. We also define ways of working to focus on sustainability and consistent quality and create assets to bring in efficiency and innovation” explains Sayandeb.


Finding Solutions to New Challenges

Every new business and field comes with its own set of challenges, Anuj tells us more “At TheMathCompany, we discover new and interesting challenges every day of our journey! Starting a company in such a crowded space, you need to differentiate yourself and articulate your unique offering. Analytics is also an over-used term. There is a lack of clarity on what it entails and more importantly what it does not. Educating customers and bringing awareness to the why, what and how of analytics capabilities needs patience and perseverance.”

Our Engagement Model is High Touch

“The strategy for customer satisfaction is simple” says Aditya. TheMathCompany co-founder continues “Our engagement model is high touch. We stay close to customers, advise them daily and help them overcome execution challenges to make them successful.

In such a model, feedback is instantaneous and we believe that our ability to act and get things done is what will make us successful. We also plan to invest heavily in the first few years to build products and assets that will reflect our combined experience to help us scale.”

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