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Women Entreprenuers March Forward with LeaderinU

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With Women’s Day on the horizon, we feature an extraordinary venture LeaderinU founded by  Juhee Sachdev.  Juhee tells us how she got started, what drove her success and insights from her entrepreneurial journey so far.

Encouraging Women Entrepreneurs

“After 16 years of experience in leadership and learning domain working with Accenture, I left the corporate world to start my own venture. I started LeaderinU around three years ago, with the vision to harness the uniqueness in every individual and work on their strengths. Only when I started out, did I realise that women entrepreneurs in India are still struggling to make their mark. They are faced with challenges like culture bias, public safety or balancing work, life and home“ says Juhee.

This lead her to start a new program called L.I.F.E.– Leader in Female Entrepreneurs.  Juhee takes us through the program “It’s a program for female entrepreneurs, dedicated to encourage their progress and help them grow their business.  It arms them with tools to build their entrepreneur skills, networking skills and stay inspired to venture into new business opportunities or enter the next phase to grow existing business. It’s all about – harnessing your power to build your passion.”

A Space of Her Own

Juhee describes her leadership style as collaborative, she tells us “I give priority to relationships than results or outcomes. Due to this style, sometimes I have had set backs in my business, as you need to be very goal orientated. I personally have undergone the entrepreneur journey and shared my experiences and lessons learnt with other women entrepreneurs which help them in their journey. My passion is to encourage, mentor and educate female entrepreneurs in their growth journey.”

Managing the Finances and How QuickBooks has Helped

“Financial management is critical for success of any business – especially a start-up. You need to do so much with very limited resources – money, time, people. You need to be organised to make full use of the resources that you have, financial management helps you build your strategy to make your money grow” explains Juhee.

She tells us how QuickBooks has been a vital tool “QuickBooks have made my life very simple and easy.  Coming from science background, I had no idea on how to maintain my accounts, it used to be daunting task for me, and then invoicing and never ending follow-ups was a pain. With Quickbooks, I have snapshot right in front of me about my inflow and outflow, my pending invoices, what has been my expenses and also, the type of expenses.”

The Dashboard- Her Favourite QuickBooks Feature

“The best feature is the dashboard – it provides me with snapshot of my income, expenses and profit and loss in a very visual way. I don’t need to know how to read a P&L statement to understand, with the visual, it’s very self-explanatory” says Juhee.

A Support System of Women Entrepreneurs

“Every women entrepreneur is an inspiration to me as they play many roles – daughter, wife, sister, mother, friend and many more. But as an entrepreneur, her responsibilities are doubled as she also has to face the culture and gender biases of the male dominated entrepreneurship area” explains the LeaderinU founder.

Her advice to budding women entrepreneurs “Have confidence in your abilities, you have your own strengths, so harness them to build and grow your company. Be determined and don’t let challenges stop you from achieving your goals.”

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