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QuickBooks Online

Salient Features of QuickBooks Online

Most often than not, keeping track of daily accounting and managing books of accounts as per the applicable legislation, overwhelms entrepreneurs. After all, entrepreneurs are excited about their product/ services and concentrate mainly on creating a customer base for their offerings.

In such a scenario, it makes business sense for a business owner to deploy an accounting software that not only meets the growing requirements of a small business but which also fits in his budget and frees him of the numerous aspects of small business accounting, including invoicing, customer and vendor contact information, inventory, payroll, and reporting.

An Accounting Software perfect for your growing business:

QuickBooks Online (QBO), is accounting software that puts you in control of your finances, your time and your business. The package includes the following benefits:

Consolidated customer and supplier data:

It stores details of an unlimited number of customers and suppliers.

Track sales and expenses:

It helps you understand your cash flow and how your business is doing so that you can make better decisions.

Easily creates and manages invoices:

QBO helps design and create professional invoices, print or send them via email. It also lets you keep track of who owes you money and whether or not you’ve been paid.

Instant access to critical information and reports:

With QBO, you can check your P&L A/C, Cash-Flow Statement and Balance Sheet at the click of a button. You can also drill-down into business knowledge with pre-built and customizable reports.

Easy Service Tax & VAT Computation:

QBO computes service tax and VAT for you in a single click. It is specifically designed for Indian businesses.

Professional estimates: It also enables you to create professional-looking quotes and proposals for your customers.

Get your Company Snapshot: The Company Snapshot screen in QBO tells you, every day, what you’re making, what you’re spending, how you’re doing compared to last year and more.

Handle foreign currencies: This feature helps you to manage your international customers with ease – trade in multiple currencies and switch between them using up–to–the–minute exchange rates.

And What’s More:

• QBO is completely web-based and hence, you don’t have to install or download traditional software or worry about operating-system compatibility. You simply launch your web browser and go.

• You can log in to QuickBooks Online from any Internet-connected computer, and hence, the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime.

• QBO connects users in different locations by allowing multiple users to access your account. You can specify permission levels to control what type of data each user can see or modify.

• Switching to online accounting is simple — QuickBooks Online imports your existing customer contacts from Microsoft Excel®, Outlook, or Gmail.

• QBO automatically backs up your data every two hours and meets the highest online security standards for data storage.

• No prior accounting knowledge is needed to use QBO. Get started immediately with no software to install, free upgrades and free unlimited customer support 365 days a year.

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