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Using Social Media for a Small Business

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As a small business owner in India, you need to connect with your customers in every way possible to stand out from the crowd. Because your customers are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you need to be there as well. When you follow best practices to connect with prospective customers, your social media outreach can be very effective.

Focus on the positive in your social media feeds. When a customer praises you on Twitter, repeat that praise on Facebook, and vice versa. Keep enthusiasm high within your own walls by making sure your employees get to hear all the good news as well.

Try using social media to strike up conversations with your customers, rather than talking at them in advertising. Younger customers, in particular, want to establish a sense of trust with the companies they do business with, and social media provides you the opportunity to create those connections.

Time your posts so they’ll be seen by the greatest number of people. Each social media platform has its own best times for posting. On Facebook, try to post on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the middle of the day (and just acknowledge that, yes, people are heading to Facebook during work hours). Weekdays are also best for Instagram posts, even if you aim for the very early morning — and definitely avoid the weekends, when engagement drops dramatically. On Twitter, make sure you have tweets going out on Friday mornings, the time of highest engagement, and keep all your tweets within the morning weekday hours overall.

Establishing excellent social media practices and taking advantage of the connection it offers with your prospective customers lets you promote your business with minimal costs and maximum effect.

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