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Can Interns Boost Your Business?

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As a Small Business Owner it may always seem like you are short of hands when it comes to your workforce. What your Small Business might need most would be to hire an intern or two. Let us explore reasons why you should hire a business intern: 1. Interns are eager to learn Interns, more than new employees view internships at your business as an opportunity to learn and explore all the quarters of your business. They can undertake multiple roles giving your staff some well earned support. They can be placed in various positions depending on the demands of your business. 2. Avoid the Pressure of a Hire Hiring can be a time for stress in your organization as you look to make a decision that affects your company in the long run. You may also not have the resources for a permanent hire. An intern alleviates this problem as you get to work with a range of people in your organization. There is also the added advantage of being able to hire an intern in a part or full time role if you find them to be exceptional. 3. Helps Staff Think Out of the Box An intern, especially one that is bright has the potential to shake up your staff and help them find new ways to problem solve as they are not locked into the ways things are done in your business. Interns offer your staff the time to think in more innovative ways and look at obstacles that have been holding your business back with a new perspective. 4. Interns are Tech-Savvy The younger generation is definitely more tech savvy than you and your staff. They are also more able to adapt readily to the many opportunities and discoveries that technology offers. You could use your intern to set up a range of tech-friendly services for your company- it could be as simple as putting your company as a listing on websites and Google maps to creating and executing a social media strategy or guest blogging on your company blog. If you have decided that an Intern can boost your business, these are the next factors you should consider: • Paid Vs Unpaid Interns: Many interns are looking for paid internship but they can trade this in for other benefits like college credit or recommendation letters. Instead of paying your intern a salary you could offer the Intern a reimbursement of food and travel or a stipend. • Determine the Areas of Focus: Do not let your intern wander among the tasks of your company. Set an area of focus and a final goal so that the internship is fruitful for both you and the intern • Decide on Work Hours: An intern does not have to be at your business through your work day. Set hours for your intern that makes sense for you both so that time can be utilized more effectively.

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