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Health in a small business

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With the repetitive and hectic work mode these days, employee wellness has become an important factor in the success of business. Though many large businesses have laid down a work environment with robust health plans, small businesses are still grappling when it comes to the health factor.

A recent study by Health Enhancement Research Organization highlights the fact that high-quality employee wellness programs in small businesses improve employee health and well-being, which drives improvements in factors such as absenteeism and healthcare costs.

To begin with, employees have to have enough time of their own and to take care of their health. A weekly break from work is essential to help them unwind. Any employees in your company whose work entails long periods sitting in the front of a computer should be encouraged to take an occasional break to stretch, or they could develop neck and back ailments.

All your employees should keep themselves active to keep reduce the occurrence of weight problems, diabetes, and heart ailments.

Corporate fitness plans and regular engagements around this are essential to keep your employees in the best shape. Small steps are all it takes to help your establish a more healthy and employee-friendly work environment. .

Organise a corporate health challenge: Some companies in India have already taken the initiative of educating their employees on the importance of maintaining good health and staying fit. Under this initiative, the companies make their employees participate in a health challenge. The employees are made to undergo a month-long training programme under the guidance of physical fitness experts and advised to follow the diet prescribed by a dietician. .

Find a good deal on a gym membership – group memberships for your employees: Large companies may offer personal training, gym at work premises or one-on-one fitness coaching for their employees, but being a small businesses you will have your own limitations. Hence, lookout for a good deal and group packages where your staff will learn more about effective diet plans, exercise regimes, and relaxation tips during work. .

Biggest loser contest: Get your employees to burn some calories and reward them for the same. Roll out the contest and after a month the participants are evaluated on the body mass index level and loss of weight. The person with the biggest difference wins. You could even make it a team sport so that employees can support each other in their endeavour. .

Healthy eating at work: Encourage your employees to eat healthy, and suggest some healthy options available at restaurants close to your premises. Pin up the menu cards and numbers of such places on your the notice boards. You could organise for a team lunch once a week and sensitise the employees about healthy food habits. .

Group Yoga: Schedule a one hour yoga session for employees. This can be done either at your office premises or at a studio. This will help your employees overcome stress related issues and keep up a positive mind frame at work. .

Cycle to work instead: Cycling to work can be a good habit that you can promote. Being a small business owner, your employees will always look up to as a role model and hence, influencing them to do something like this can be quite easy. .

Work from home: Letting your employees to work from home can create wonders for you. Employees get a stress-free environment where they can concentrate on work and improve on the efficiency. Also, it also reduces chances of your employees falling sick regularly as they work from a comfortable environment close to their families. . Share the costs: Bring in a system where you share the health care and medical spending with your employees at a 75:25 ratio. Though this might affect your revenue, but the benefits often attract better employees and help retain existing workers. Satisfied, healthy employees are more likely to help your business grow.

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