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Planning a Team Outing

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For every company, its greatest asset is its employees. Working in a team is conducive to better output and higher efficiency especially when its members are motivated and productive. Team bonding is one of the most important goals for companies today. One way to encourage teams to build a better dynamic is to arrange for a team building exercise at a team outing. Here are some tips on how to plan a team outing for your employees:

1. Start well in advance: Plan your team outing at least a month or two in advance. There are various factors involved in planning the outing, including budget approvals, venue selections and confirmations, activity planning, itinerary planning and so on. Provide ample time for deciding on all these factors before the team outing

2. Understand their interests: A team outing should ideally cater to the common interests of all the employees involved. Understand what they like, or create a poll with a few choices on what kinds of team outing ideas they have or would like to see. When it comes to the food, figure out the dietary preferences of the team members in advance as well, to avoid last minute confusion.

3. Choose a good venue: When choosing a venue for your team building exercise, ensure that it is reachable. Do some research around a resort or activity centre that has all the necessary facilities; wifi if needed, a pool, a restaurant with a good choice of cuisines, activities and games, comfortable accommodation if you plan to stay overnight and so on. Ensure that the venue is one that has good ratings, and is known for having hosted corporate companies before.

4. Allocate your budget efficiently: Determine how much company budgets have set aside for employee activities. Divide it into various components and decide which ones you can spend a little more on and where you can save. For instance, if the transport can be arranged through company cabs, you can spend a little more on unique team outing ideas, and so on.

5. Hire an event planner: Event managers and event planners often have interesting team outing ideas. They also help with the smooth execution of everything, cross-check bookings and make the experience easier for you. If your budget allows for it, consider getting a professional event management company to take care of the execution of the team outing and to handle the logistics.

6. Include interesting activities: Team bonding should be fun and should encourage employees who previously did not get to interact much to connect better. This includes indoor team bonding activities as well as outdoor team bonding activities. Games and sports such as hiking, snooker, tug-of-war etc. also encourage team bonding. Put together a few interesting team outing ideas and give your employees a preview of what they can expect. Plan the outing accordingly. Team outings eventually aim to foster great working relationships among employees. They also give employees a sense of belonging to the company and motivate them to work more efficiently. A strong team will deliver excellent results in the long run and team outings aim to do just that.

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