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Re-engaging quality candidates as you grow

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When your small business hires a candidate from a list of individuals, there is a possibility that your small business, down the road, requires another candidate with similar qualifications.

By re-engaging, you can help reduce the time needed to find the right candidate by connecting with a previously interviewed candidate and start work without missing company deadlines. Here are five ways, your small business can grow and re-engage with candidates that you interviewed in the past:

1. Build a brand that candidates look up to:

Ensure that your small business creates a respectable brand name that builds its presence on all social channels that target the right kind of candidates. This way a set of quality candidates that interviewed at your small business will respond positively when you re-engage, interact and discuss your new job offering to the candidate.

2. Enhance your social presence:

Candidates develop an interest in your small business based on the type of posts and the kind of interactions that your brand nurtures. This can be achieved through the total number of audience retweets and re-shares that the audience develops through a planned and sustained effort. LinkedIn is one of the most popular networks to engage with candidates as it reaches a large talent pool that your small business can engage with.

3. Treat past candidates like high-value customers:

Most candidates that apply for a position are usually a potential hire or a referrer of hires in the future. At present, some candidates may not be the right fit for openings in the future. But your small business must treat them the same way that you value your high profile clients and customers.

4. A new candidate can re-energize your small business:

Change brings about a positive effect for any organization and a new candidate can help energize your small business. This is a step forward for most businesses as this helps in making your small business progressive and re-energizes your entire organization.

5. Increasing your retention rate:

When there a loss of trust between a company and its employees, there is a disconnect that occurs and a loss of talent. Your small business can only reconnect with its employees only if there are a drive and an objective that your company must develop.

Talent must be continuously developed and nurtured to further improve your employees, stay ahead of the company targets and develop a passion for new candidates. This will help project your small business to candidates that you are looking to re-engage and improve your retention rate.

At times, employees look up to more experienced colleagues and friends for career advice. This could be due to factors like stress or the inability to adapt to the changing scenario at work.

In your small business, it is important to ensure that your employees can enjoy a good relationship with their firm based on the benefits and guidance of the company’s representatives and the individual’s ongoing role and opportunities. Intellectual stimulation, inspiration, and a strong business mission statement will enable your small business to build on time, flexibility and a spirit of camaraderie.

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