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How To Make Your Online Store Mobile Friendly

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Our May issue had the blog on How To Make Your Business’s Website Mobile Friendly. This had been extremely well received. We follow up with a blog on ‘How To Make Your Online Store Mobile Friendly’ this month, so as to cover the entire spectrum. Of late, there has been a flux of e-commerce companies in India – they have mushroomed in big cities and small towns alike owing to the relative ease of operations and management and buoyed by the reach and growth prospects. After all, people are buying almost everything from their kid’s roller skates to books to food processors to even overseas trips online. Still in its nascent stages, opportunities are galore. At the same time, it is a fast evolving market driven chiefly by technology. The writing on the wall now is to make your online store mobile friendly. We try to examine this need in the following paragraphs:

What is a Mobile-Friendly Online Store?

A mobile-friendly online store is one that is easily accessible from a handset like mobiles or tablets, so that prospective customers do not have to wait for his laptop or computer in order to make a purchase.

Why Make Your Online Store Mobile Friendly?

Gartner had reported that by 2013, the world would have bought 1 billion smart-phones and tablets. Now judge the business opportunity by this number!!

How to Make Your Online Store Mobile-Friendly? • Build a separate online store just for mobile users. A dedicated approach, this however entails a higher spend both initially for the site creation and later, for its ongoing maintenance,

• Avail the services of mobile site-building tools. There are hundreds of companies that offer this – for Eg., Wirenode, Mippin Mobilizer, Mobify, Winksite etc. Just scout the net for the one that best suits your requirement.

Basic Principles to Make Your Online Store Mobile-Friendly:

• Ensure that the mobile version of your online store has the right design and layout so as to enable easy navigation on the phone or tablet. Most mobiles come with screen sizes between 3.5 to 4 inches. Understand that your customer will need to be able to see your entire store within this space restriction.

• The next most important feature is to keep the online store simple and free of clutter. This will keep confusion and user frustration at bay. This also means that you need to take a judicious decision on how many graphics you can allow on the mobile site.

• Make sure that links, payment buttons are easily locatable. If the user has to spend inordinate amount of time while purchasing your wares through his phone, he may be left with a bad impression and may switch to a competitor the next time.

• Make the buttons big enough so that the visitor clicks what he wants to and doesn’t accidentally end up clicking the wrong link or button.

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