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2012-08-09 00:00:00TechnologyEnglishMobile Apps for Small Business: The pressure of getting things done on the go, makes us rely on mobile apps for various tasks. Have Mobile Apps for Small Business

Must Have Mobile Apps for Small Business

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The pressure of getting things done on the go, makes us rely on mobile apps for various tasks. Here are 10 must-have mobile apps for small businesses. If you operate a small business, chances are that you might have to be on the run- traveling around for various tasks, meeting clients and being on the move for business development.

If you are forced to multitask while on the go, you probably already have a smartphone that can do most things your desktop can! But what can make life easier, are come really functional mobile apps that let you carry your office in your pocket. According to a study conducted by the Small Business and Entrepreneur Council, USA, 31 percent of small firms with 20 or fewer employees using mobile apps estimated that they saved an average of 5.6 hours a week.

With the exponential growth in the number of smartphone users in India, one cannot dispute the utility value of mobile apps for small businesses. Go beyond the default Facebook, Twitter, calendar and calculator apps that come preloaded on your phone. Check out some must-have apps that help increase your productivity as a small business owner/ employee!

Evernote: This cool storage tool that lets you store notes, text, audio, video and a whole bunch of other content on the cloud so that you have access to it no matter what! (for iPhone, iPad, Android & BlackBerry users)

Dropbox/ DropBox: This app helps you access large and extra-large files that you have saved up on your computer, from your phone. You will never run out of space that easily anymore. (for iPhone, iPad & Android users)

Quickoffice: This is especially for the iPhone users to view and edit files using Microsoft Office. Great for word docs and excel sheets. (for iPhone & iPad users) LogMeIn Ignition: Access your desktop wirelessly and use your phone to work on files stored on it! Basically makes use of your phone like a remote control for your desktop. (for Android users)

Intuit GoPayment: Transform your phone into a card machine using this app. You get a free app and free card reader to attach to your phone. Use your credit card on the go! (for iPhone, iPad & Android users) This transforms your existing calendar into a super calendar by enabling some great features! You can propose meetings, send invitations and allow colleagues/clients to book appointments. (for BlackBerry users)

WhatsApp/ Blackberry Messenger/ Skype: The most basic apps for communicating for free! Now network, chat and video conference using your phone. (for iPhone, iPad, Android & BlackBerry users)

Hashable: This is another networking and calendar tool that lets one exchange business cards apart from regular features. (for iPhone & Android users)

Right Signature: You do not have to print, sign, scan and attach anymore. This app lets you personally check and sign documents on the go. (for tablets and smartphones with touch screens)

Cashbook: Helps you track your expenses and budget through your mobile phone. (for Android users)

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