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SaaS for Small Business

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If your not keeping up to date with the latest technology then you might not know what SaaS stands for. SaaS stands for Software as a Service and we tell you why you should take advantage of these services.

SaaS is the hosting of software required for your business on the Web, rather than on your server. As a small company, you can’t have an inflated IT team to upgrade your servers, manage software licenses and ensure that your teams have constant access to the various software they need to service your clients.

However, a company offering SaaS, specializes in these very functions and can take care of this for you at a fraction of the cost; you don’t have to purchase expensive software either, all you have to do is hire them for a fee.

Lets take a look at why SaaS might be better suited for you and your small business rather than traditional software.

No installation required – No need to worry about messing with CD-keys or authentication when you can just open up your browser and log in to the site to start working.

New features and fixes every week or fortnight – Depending on the company and the service you might see regular updates and fixes for any bugs or issues that you may run into when using the service.

Inexpensive to buy – Since most SaaS are subscription based you can try out different tools and decide on which one suits you best rather than putting down a lot of cash at one time to buy traditional software.

Try before you buy – Most SaaS providers give out a free one month trial for you to use the software before you decide to pay for it. You can figure out if this service meets your and your businesses needs.

You will find SaaS companies that offer solutions for all the different needs that may arise in your small business. SaaS providers provides lots of various services that deal with accounting, marketing CRM, HR services that can be used easily.

Here are a list of SaaS products that you may want to take a look at when deciding on which can be useful for your business –

QuickBooks – This is the tool for all your accounting needs. They also have a free trial so you see if it meets your need!

Highrise – A simple CRM solution for small businesses. Free trial avaliable.

Salesforce – A CRM software that can be use to scale business.

Dropbox– Need to store data online? Then Dropbox is the tool for you.

Deskaway– Collaborate with your colleagues or clients for a project with this tool.

Google Analytics– Get detailed analysis about where your online traffic comes from with this tool from Google.

Survey Monkey– Need to get research done about what your audience is interested in? Then make use of Survey Monkey to get the right questions answered.

Google Docs– Make use of this free, web based office suite to create spreadsheets, presentations and word documents for your business.

So what services do you plan to look at purchasing to make your small business grow? Do share your experiences with SaaS with us!

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