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2015-06-25 00:00:00TechnologyEnglishDeal with New Technology: Embracing upcoming and new technology for your business allows the company to grow faster and more effectively. Your Staff to Deal with New Technology

Training Your Staff to Deal with New Technology

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Embracing upcoming and new technology for your business allows the company to grow faster and more effectively. New technology like real-time video conferencing, social networking platforms and virtual interfacing technology has collapsed time-space boundaries that in earlier times proved as a deterrent to business expansion.

Training your employees and staff to participate in the office’s new technology, can take your business to newer heights and broaden your customer base. The following are a few steps you can take in order to train your staff to involve themselves with new technology in the office.

Appoint a leader

Expect to find some resistance among your employees with the introduction of new technology in the office. There needs to be a leader of the pack, who can address these concerns and be in charge of teaching new processes. It is essential that you showcase the new technology as a solution to the existing problems employees face, as opposed to an arbitrary change.

This will definitely tip the scale in favor of the new implementation. Make it a collaborative effort right from the start, where the leader takes inputs from his colleagues and weaves them into the learning process. It is also important to build some expectations around the new technology and its implementation so that it is instrumental in creating a collective vision for what the final outcome ought to be

The execution

It is a good idea to create a ‘script’ and jot down points that explain the new technology to your employees. Remember to emphasize the benefits of this new technology. Let each employee have a go at trying the new technology out – this will build excitement and foster keenness.

Don’t turn a deaf ear to what your staff is saying

Consider that new technology brings with it new perspectives on how best to use it. And several of your staff will have differing opinions. Incorporate these points of view and blend them into the learning process. Your staff will leave the session with a sense of belonging and even more keenness on learning the new technology as a result. Incorporate this feedback into your training session.

Provide incentives and recognition

Learning any new technology and a change from the existing processes is always met with annoyance and resistance. Therefore, to lighten the process, why not introduce perks, rewards, and recognition in the end to whoever meets all your criteria of learning the new technology?

For example, ‘proficiency with company technology and processes’ can be an assessing quality at the annual appraisal sessions and those passing this, can be given some form of bonus.

Remember to have fun while training your staff on new technology. If fun and humor can be incorporated in the mix, then assimilation into the new process is faster.

Highlight the benefits of each technology characteristic as you proceed with the training, for this will serve to explain why you are taking the time to focus on it in the first place. New technology is often easier with staff from a younger demographic, therefore you could try training these people first and asking them for assistance with the training of all your other older staff members.

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