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Small Business Tip: Focus on Customer Experience

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Customer experience plays a big role in attracting and keeping clients while helping you build your company’s credibility. But most small business owners don’t realize that a customer’s experience starts the first time they interact with the brand. This means when people in your target market first see an ad from your company or hear your company’s name for the first time, their experience begins. That’s the moment they start to develop an opinion about your company.

Because a customer’s experience may start before they actually speak to an employee, you should focus all public aspects of your company on your customers. For example, when you create ads, make them with your customers in mind so the people feel like your ads speak directly to them.

This also makes it important to consider user experience when building your company website. To do this, think about the online buying process your customers complete. Is it easy to navigate to product pages? Do your product pages have useful information? Does your website’s checkout process run smoothly? Is it easy to find a phone number or email address for customer service? All these things matter to your customers, so they should be your top priority as well.

Be sure to consider customer experience when creating new products or services. Everything you create should benefit your customer is some way. Further, when writing sales pages, ads, and product descriptions, illustrate how your products or services benefit your customers. This helps them decide whether or not to finalize their purchase. To improve interactions further, consider using QuickBooks-compatible apps such as mHelpDesk that simplify communication and ensure customers get answers to pressing questions.

Additionally, make sure your customer service team is up to par with your expectations since the user experience starts when someone first comes into contact with your company and continues even after they make a purchase. Keep in mind that happy customers are long-term customers, and do your best to provide a positive experience.

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