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Move clients to another QuickBooks Online Accountant profile

SOLVEDby QuickBooks1Updated December 13, 2023

Learn how to transfer your client list to a different QuickBooks Online Accountant profile.

You can easily move all clients from one profile to another. You won't lose any data and can still access data in the old profile. This keeps all of your firm's clients in one place so your team stays organised.

Before you start

Here are some definitions you need to know when referring to this process.

  1. Source firm: the QuickBooks Online Accountant profile that you want to move clients from.
  2. Destination firm: the QuickBooks Online Accountant profile you want to move clients to.

Necessary set-up conditions and limitations

Here are the conditions that need to be met within your QuickBooks Online Accountant file that will allow you to move your clients between profiles.

Necessary set-up conditions

  • The QuickBooks Online Accountant user completing the transfer must be the primary admin of the source firm as well as a full-access user of the destination firm.
  • If there are any wholesale billed clients in source firm, make sure that the primary admin of each QuickBooks file is the same as the primary admin within the destination QBOA firm.
  • The client must be in the same region as the destination firm.
  • The client must have at least one available Accountant seat.
  • Both the client and the firm must have an active subscription.
  • The destination firm must have an active payment method attached to their file.


  • A client using the following features isn't eligible for consolidation:
    • Books-to-Tax
    • BOX online document management
  • An app connected by the source firm users will need to be reconnected using 'get app' flow to resume app data sync.

Transfer your client list

Tip: If you're combining all of your firm's client lists into one, don't forget to add your employees into your main QuickBooks Online Accountant profile's Team tab. Then, you'll just need to manage your employee's permissions to make sure that they can access everything that they'll need in their client files.
  1. Sign in to the destination firm as a full-access user.
  2. Select the gear icon ⚙ and then Transfer clients.
  3. Confirm that the destination firm in the Transfer to section is correct. If not, select Change firm and select a different one.
  4. Select Next.
  5. In the Transfer from section, select the source firm's name to expand a list of clients.
  6. Select the clients you want to move.
  7. Select Next.
  8. To finish, select Move clients.
Note: If you want to move clients with wholesale billed Payroll, make sure to do so before the charge date to avoid changes in the wholesale billing discount.

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