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Wholesale Discount: Parent company charges don't match the total cost of active child companies

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

When reviewing the QBOA Wholesale Discount monthly charge on a debit/credit card statement and comparing the charge the total cost of all active Wholesale clients, the amounts do not match.

Why this is happening

The wholesale discount amount shown in QBOA is the billing plan total. The billing plan total includes the nominal monthly subscription cost for all products currently under wholesale discount.

Your monthly total may differ from this nominal plan total due to several common reasons:

  • Prorated subscription charges if a new subscription, upgrade, or other changes were made since the previous billing date, to bill for the prorated period. Subscription fees are billed “in advance” so that a prorated subscription fee is necessary to bill the partial month at the next billing cycle.
  • Due to our billing system some financial institutions may charge a international transaction fee.

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