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Add a sales tax rate using the QuickBooks Online app (Android only)

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

We refer to all taxes as tax. You'll see the taxes that apply for your locale (such as VAT, GST, state, provincial, and so on).

If you haven't yet created a tax rate for your business, do that first, and then you can view and manage your tax rates.

  1. From the Menu ☰, select Settings, then select Tax Rates. (If this is your first time, you'll see an introductory screen: select Add tax rate to get started.)
  2. Select +, then select Single tax rate or Combined tax rate.
  3. Enter information about the tax rate:
    • For a Single tax rate, add a Sales tax name, Agency, and Rate, and then select Done.
    • For a Combined rate, add a Sales tax name, Component, Agency, and Rate, and then select Done. (Combined sales tax rates can include new and existing rates.)
      • Select Combined tax rate if your tax agency makes you break down this tax into multiple parts, such as city, county, and state taxes.

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