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Track the status of invoices in the QuickBooks Online mobile app

by Intuit Updated 1 month ago

When you look at the status of your invoices in the QuickBooks Online mobile app, you can see at a glance if your invoices are open, overdue, or paid. You can also see more specific details like if you sent the invoice to your customer and if they’ve viewed it. 

We’ll go over how to view the invoice status and what the statuses mean.

View the status of an invoice

  1. In the QuickBooks Online mobile app, tap on Menu ☰. Then select Invoices
  2. Find the invoice you want to view the status of.
  3. In the invoice list, the status of the invoice is displayed under the customer name. If the invoice hasn’t been paid yet, you’ll also see the due date, or how many days overdue the invoice is.
  4. Select the invoice to see more details about the status like the date it was sent, viewed, or info about partially paid invoices.

Learn more about invoice statuses

Invoices are marked as open, overdue, and paid. Open means that the invoice has an open balance but is not overdue. Paid means that the invoice is paid in full. Overdue means that the invoice has an open balance and is past the due date (based on the terms you set for the invoice).

Here’s a few common statuses that you might see on invoices:

  • Open: the invoice has an open balance.
  • Not sent: you created the invoice, but didn’t send it to the customer.
  • Sent: you emailed the invoice to the customer.
  • Viewed: your customer opened the invoice. 
  • Partially paid: your customer made a partial payment 
  • Paid: your customer paid the invoice in full. 
  • Deposited: the bank deposit for the invoice payment is recorded in QuickBooks.
  • Not deposited: the invoice is paid, but the bank deposit isn’t recorded in QuickBooks. 
  • Undelivered or Delivery error: the invoice was undelivered. Check the email address and resend from QuickBooks Online in your web browser. 
  • Voided: the invoice was voided in QuickBooks.

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