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Delete sales tax rates in QuickBooks Online

by Intuit Updated 4 days ago

Currently, there is no way to delete a tax rate in QuickBooks Online. If you no longer need or use them, you can deactivate the tax rate.

Deactivate a tax rate

Important: You CANNOT reactivate a tax rate. If you need it for future use, you’ll have to create a new one.

Note: You can't deactivate default tax codes. You can only remove tax codes that you created.
  1. Go to GST.
  2. Select Settings , then select Edit rates.
  3. Pick the tax rate you want to remove, then switch it from On to Off.
  4. Select Yes.

To reactivate the tax code at any time, select the gear icon above the Action tab and then mark Include Inactive to show all deactivated tax codes. Pick the tax code you want to reactivate, then switch it to On.

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