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View supplier transactions

Learn how to view your transactions with your suppliers in QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks lets you access each supplier's records, edit and view the status of their transaction. Here's how.

View transactions

View all transactions for a specific supplier in the Suppliers tab.

  1. Select Expenses, then Suppliers.
  2. Find and select your preferred supplier.
  3. Under the Transaction List, you should see all transactions for this supplier.

Manage your suppliers info

When you select a specific supplier, you can customise and manage their profile and transactions.

  • Select Edit to edit the supplier's profile.
  • Select New transaction to create a new bill, expense, cheque, purchase order, or supplier credit for that supplier.
  • Select the Filter ▼ dropdown to show only certain transaction types.
  • Select the Printer icon to print the supplier transactions.
  • Select the specific transactions, then the Batch actions ▼ dropdown to:
    • Categorise the chosen transactions
    • Void transactions
    • Print the transactions
    • Send remittance advices
  • Select the Export icon to export the supplier transactions to an Excel spreadsheet.

Check the suppliers money bar

The coloured bar on the Suppliers window is called the Suppliers money bar. It gives you a visual overview of your supplier interactions. It shows the number and total amount of the following:

  • Purchase orders you have open with suppliers
  • Bills from suppliers and how many are overdue
  • Bills you've paid in the last 30 days

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